WAKEFIELD — The sewer flat rate may generate some discussion when the Board of Selectmen sets the water and sewer rates next month.

Selectman Phyllis Hull said that she was contacted by a resident who gets her water from a well. Hull said that the resident was asking why her sewer bill is higher than some of her neighbors.

Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio explained that there are multiple components that go into determining a typical sewer bill including household water usage, overall flow in the town and population.

If you have a well you are not charged for water but if you’re using the town sewer system you would still be paying a sewer bill. Since the town has no way of metering water usage for a home using well water, Maio said, it charges a sewer flat rate of $315 per quarter.

Maio noted that about 80 percent of that sewer flat rate charge goes to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

Selectman Patrick Glynn added that about two-thirds of any household water bill in the MWRA district goes to that agency.

“Any water that leaves your house through the sewer needs to be treated and that costs money,” Glynn said. He suggested checking the flat rates charged by surrounding towns to see how they compare to Wakefield.

Selectman Paul DiNocco said that the same resident had also called him. He added that the resident’s concern was that the flat rate that she was being charged was higher than some of her neighbors’ bills who are on both town water and sewer.


In other business this week, the Board of Selectmen:

• Renewed the licenses of City Taxi and Transportation Inc., subject to vehicle inspections and fingerprinting of cab drivers by police.

• Approved a Common Victualler’s License and an Entertainment License for Mola Bakery and Café, 41 Tuttle St.

• Approved a Common Victualler’s License and Entertainment License for CIBO Café, 1179 Main St.

• Approved a Peddler’s License for Justin Longo (Road Dog).

• Approved a request from Library Director Sharon Gilley to accept and expend $5,946.76 in gifts from various donors.