Weather situation will be monitored closely

WAKEFIELD — Despite the rain, sleet and snow being predicted for Eastern Mass., every effort will be made to play the 55th annual Thanksgiving Day Classic between the Wakefield Memorial High and Melrose High football teams at Landrigan Field as scheduled.

“I’m a little more optimistic with the latest forecast,” said Director of Athletics and Warrior head football coach Mike Boyages. “It looks like we’re in the 1-3 inch range and there is going to be rain and then snow.”

“The Superintendent (Dr. Stephen Zrike), the principal (Rich Metropolis) and I are going to meet and analyze the situation,” continued Boyages. “I’m also in touch with Melrose A.D. (Pat Ruggiero). If there is a postponement, then tentatively we want to play early Friday afternoon between 1-1:30 p.m. I’m sure Melrose doesn’t want to drag it out since they are playing in the Super Bowl.”

Boyages admits the timing of the storm could make clearing Landrigan Field difficult since the snow being predicted is scheduled to fall overnight. When there has been snow in the past, he admits there has been a day or so for snow removal. This year, however, the clearing of the snow would have to take place at sunrise tomorrow morning itself.

Also with the turf field, Wakefield is limited as far as plowing equipment and even show shovels to some extent is concerned. Using that type of equipment could damage the surface.

Another concern is the stands, the walkways and the entrance to Landrigan Field. Snow or ice would have to removed and be safe for the fans attending the game.

If there are higher amounts of snow in the 4-6 inch range, then a postponement is very likely.

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