WAKEFIELD — Quick action by the owner and an employee of a Tuttle Street business may have averted a more serious fire late yesterday afternoon.

At about 5:15 p.m. the Fire Department responded to a call reporting a fire in the basement of the Wakefield House of Pizza at 43 Tuttle Street. Upon arrival, firefighters found that the fire had been knocked down by the owner and an employee, who went down to check the basement after smelling smoke in the building. They discovered a fire in the freezer and were able to put it out with a fire extinguisher.

Firefighters determined that a box of frozen hamburgers had been pushed up against a coil in the freezer, causing it to overheat and ignite a fire. Firefighters shut off power to the freezer and vented smoke fromm the building. The restaurant had to close for the remainder of the day. There were no injuries.


At about 5 p.m. yesterday, the Fire Department went to the area of 659 Main Street after two dogs were accidently locked inside a vehicle. Firefighters were able to gain entry to the vehicle.


Over the holiday weekend, the Fire Department responded to 43 calls. Thirty-three of those were for medical aid.