Published in the February 22, 2017 edition


LYNNFIELD — Wakefield Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio has aired concerns in a letter about a proposed “major modification” to the Planned Village Development District (PVDD) agreement for MarketStreet Lynnfield.

During last week’s Planning Board meeting, National Development Managing Partner Ted Tye unveiled a proposal to build a 42-foot high, three-story medical office building that would be located in the current parking lot behind Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse.

Tye said Lahey Health is interested in becoming a tenant in the new building. He said Lahey would occupy a portion of the first floor of the building along with the entire second and third floors. He said the proposed medical building will not have an emergency room, but there will be an urgent care center.

According to a letter from Maio obtained by the Villager, the Wakefield town administrator reminded the Lynnfield Planning Board “that the development at MarketStreet is subject to an amended and restated sewer agreement between the town of Wakefield, town of Lynnfield and the MWRA.”

Maio said the sections related to the proposed development agreement include that the Colonial Sewer System “must comply with the Wakefield Sewer Bylaw of the code of the town and other sewer related rules and regulations.” He stressed the Colonial Sewer System must comply with MWRA rules and regulations, and “must comply with the grease trap installation and maintenance guidelines.”

According to Maio, “a copy of all necessary permits and approvals must be provided to the town of Wakefield.” He also stated in the letter that “stamped engineered plans and as-builts must be provided to the town of Wakefield.”

Maio expressed concerns about the addition of a new building at MarketStreet.

28% daily increase in flows

“The MarketStreet development is limited to a net increase of 76,350 gallons per day of sewage into the Wakefield Sewer System,” said Maio. “Any amount above that flow limit requires an amendment to the contract. Our recent water consumption analysis shows water usage at 97,643 gallons per day before the addition of the new building. If we consider a gallon per gallon ratio between water and sewer flows, this exceeds the limit by approximately 28 percent.”

Maio continued, “It is critical that Wakefield and the MWRA review the proposed changes to ensure compliance” with the agreement’s terms. He also requested Planning Board co-Chairman John Faria to read his letter “into the record” when the proposed medical building was discussed at the board’s Feb. 14 meeting.

Faria did not read Maio’s letter during the Planning Board’s meeting. In a phone interview with the Villager, Faria said he will be reading Maio’s letter into the record when he opens the public hearing on Monday, February 27.

“The public hearing on February 27 is when we will be taking evidence,” said Faria.