MELROSE — The aldermen Monday night unanimously backed a request from city officials to borrow $5.3 million to renovate Melrose’s flagship public school.

Mayor Robert J. Dolan and others this year are pushing for more money for the city’s schools, and the multi-million request for Melrose High would be used to transform the former Resource Center into a “21st Century Learning Commons,” as well as to construct new technology classrooms and a student services suite.

Dolan said the aldermen’s “vote was a great achievement for the further advancement of Melrose High School. We have spent the last 13 years making targeted improvements to the facilities at the high school that support educators and promote student achievement. Melrose High School is the flagship school of our community, and the improvements we make there will ultimately benefit all our students. I am very proud of the accomplishments of our Melrose High School students and look forward to great things from them in the future.”

The Learning Commons at Melrose High will include:

• Blended learning space

• Computer labs that can also serve as project rooms

• A presentation space, with practice room, that can accommodate up to 200 people

• A new graphics classroom

• Collaborative spaces where small groups of students can work together

• A quick-stop tech space where students can print something out or look something up on computers

• A new business classroom, CAD lab, new computer lab and upgraded TV story on the mezzanine level

Also, the Student Services departments — including Guidance, the Assistant Principals, the Athletic Director and the Pupil-Personnel Services department — will be moved to the first floor, with a new entry to that area opposite the Principal’s Office.

Now that the aldermen have approved the funding, designs will be finalized and the project put out to bid by September. Construction will begin when the school closes for the winter holidays in December 2015 and will continue through mid-August of next year.

The city and its residents have made a big commitment to Melrose High in recent years. A new science wing has been built. New heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have been installed. The old open space plan has been eliminated. A new roof, with solar panels, has been installed. There is a new technology infrastructure, new athletic facilities and enhanced security.

About a month ago Dolan said the combined projects “represent an investment of over $15 million in improvements that directly impact students and the learning environment at Melrose High School. This new $5.3 million plan builds on that foundation with the addition of a new Learning Commons that reflects the dynamic technological and educational requirements of today’s society.”