Advocates are second half champs

WAKEFIELD — In the final week of the Knights of Columbus bowling league’s second half season, Brian Brickley stayed on a hot streak as he topped the league with a 376.

Brickley had strings of 120-100-156 to lead his first place Advocates to a 6-2 win over the Recorders which clinched first place for the second half.

Brickley’s 156 single is the league’s high single for the season as he topped Dave Curran’s 154.

Steve Addonizio had a 309 for the Recorders.

Shaun Gean’s 352 pushed the Wardens to an 8-0 shutout victory over the Chancellors. Ian Power had a 304 for the Chancellors.

Dave Curran’s 351 and Bill DeRoche Jr.’s 306 paced the Guards to a whitewash 8-0 win over the Lecturers. Mike Maloney was high for the Lecturers.

This week starts a six string, two week roll-off for the league championship with the first half champion Wardens battling the second half champion Advocates. The other four teams will compete for third place honors.


Final Standings

Team     Won     Lost

ADVOCATES     73     39

GUARDS     60     52

LECTURERS     56     56

RECORDERS     52     60

WARDENS     48     64

CHANCELLORS     47     65



Ian Power     110.8

Dave Curran     109.5

Brian Brickley     108.2

Shaun Gean     104.8

Bill DeRoche Jr.     101.6


300 CLUB

Brian Brickley     376

Shaun Gean     352

Dave Curran     351

Steve Addonizio     309

Bill DeRoche Jr.     306

Ian Power     304