THE PAUL FAMILY, from clockwise, Emmanuel, Narin, Amara and Jorani check out the new permanent Photo Challenge exhibit in the LHS media center during Open Studios on May 15. A grant from the Lynnfield Educational Trust funded the new permanent display. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

THE PAUL FAMILY, from clockwise, Emmanuel, Narin, Amara and Jorani check out the new permanent Photo Challenge exhibit in the LHS media center during Open Studios on May 15. A grant from the Lynnfield Educational Trust funded the new permanent display. (Dan Tomasello Photo)


LYNNFIELD — Lynnfield High School’s front lobby was transformed into an art gallery and music filled the air in the auditorium during the highly anticipated Open Studios exhibit and Spring Concert on May 15.

Open Studios and the Spring Concert gives LHS and Lynnfield Middle School students the opportunity to present the art, photography, graphic design and music they created in class to the community.

“It’s really exciting to showcase the hard work, dedication, talent and creativity of all of our students at LHS,” said high school art teacher Laura Johnson. “It’s great to see what our students created for art, photography and graphic design all year.”

LHS photography/graphic design teacher Elizabeth Hayden agreed.

“Open Studios is an opportunity for everyone to get together and celebrate the creativity we have at Lynnfield High School,” said Hayden. “We see it every day, but we are unable to share it with the community on a daily basis. It’s exciting to have this event.”

Similar to previous Open Studios, Hayden and Johnson put the various works of art students created on display throughout the front lobby at LHS.

“We had so many drawings, paintings, mixed media and printmaking pieces created by students in all levels from introductory classes to the pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement levels,” said Hayden.

Johnson echoed Hayden’s sentiment.

“When students are creating art in the classroom, it goes in a folder all semester,” said Johnson. “Once a student takes that folder home, it sometimes goes under the bed or put in a closet. Open Studios is a celebration where art can be put on display for everybody in the community to see. It’s a great way to celebrate students’ hard work and dedication.”

Art, photography and graphic design students also created portraits for students living in India as part of the Memory Project, which was put on display in the LHS media center. The Memory Project is a youth arts organization that promotes intercultural understanding and kindness between children around the world. Johnson said students made portraits for students in Cameroon last year.

“We are happy to be continuing our participation in the Memory Project this year by making portraits for students in India,” said Johnson.

The portraits students created for the Memory Project impressed Hayden.

“We had many students create the portraits in both art and graphic design classes,” said Hayden. “It’s fabulous.”

Open Studios also served as the grand unveiling for a new permanent photography exhibit that is now on display in the media center.

“We framed 100 photos from the LHS Photo Challenge,” said Hayden. “It was open to any student or staff member in the Lynnfield Public Schools. It’s a mini contest. We received a grant from the Lynnfield Educational Trust, which we used to frame the best 100 photographs. We have the framed gallery set up in the media center, and it will be a permanent gallery. The LET is very supportive of the arts and the teachers in Lynnfield, and we are really grateful for the LET’s support.”

LYNNFIELD HIGH SCHOOL’S Spring Concert featured, from left, junior Matt Reinold, junior Alex Adreani, Band Director Harry Wagg, junior Josh Robins, senior Lucas Adreani and junior Adishree Batchu play jazz on May 15. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

Lynnfield Middle School students also had their artwork put on display at Open Studios once again.

“The showcased LMS artwork, spanning grades 5 through 8, featured diverse mediums like acrylic, colored pencil, pen and ink, sculpture and mixed media,” said LMS art teacher Myla Zinetti. “It testified to the varied talents of the student body, who proudly displayed their ingenuity and artistic skills, turning the event into a celebration of creativity and talent.”

Hayden said it was “great seeing the middle school students represented” at Open Studios.

While students and townspeople checked out the Open Studios art gallery, LHS band students performed during the Spring Concert in the auditorium.

“It’s been wonderful to return to the tradition of hosting our LHS Band Spring Concert alongside Open Studios,” said Band Director Harry Wagg, who also serves as the school system’s K-12 fine and performing arts coordinator. “It provides a fantastic opportunity for the community to witness the creativity, dedication and effort our students pour into their work in the unified arts.”

Hayden said she hopes Open Studios teaches students and the Lynnfield community that, “Art is important.”

“We create in a vacuum sometimes,” said Hayden. “Students are being creative in the art, photography and graphic design classes, and we want to display that creativity for everyone else to see.”

LYNNFIELD HIGH junior Charlie Morgan (left) and senior Kabir Singh played guitar and cajón respectively for attendees at Open Studios on May 15. Charlie and Kabir also performed during the Spring Concert. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

LHS Open Studios participants

The LHS students whose artwork was put in display at Open Studios were Aanya Gupta, Abby Zanella, Alexandra Schmidt, Alexia Vaquerano, Allison Maddocks, Allison Sweeney, Amelia Luongo, Anabel Perez, Andrew Carbone, Angelina Wang, Anna Connolly, Anna Raslavicus, Anthony Calla, April Sun, Ariana Guarrachino, Audrey Manning, Ava Damiani, Bella Giacobbi, Ben Dahlstedt, Brady Field, Brady Trippe, Brandon Qesja, Brendan Reilly, Brooke Fenderson, Caitlin Buoniconti, Calla Norden, Cameron Munion, Camila Luengo, Celishanex Diaz Santos, Charlotte Rose, Clover Childress, Dahryel Motto, Dan Levin, Drea Chan, Drew Cuddy, Dylan Murphy, Ella Hayman, Ella Price, Elliana Moretti, Ellie Shapleigh, Emile Coumans, Emily Toscano, Emma Harnett, Emma Rose, Emma Wagon, Ereeny Georges, Erik Bell, Eva Cammarata, Faith Angelo and Felicity Ewart.

As well as Gabby D’Ambrosio, Gia Gagnon, Grant Neal, Greg Marenghi, Guilherme Arantes, Hailey Burrill, Hannah Doherty, Hayden Service, Hayden Valiton, Heavenly Claypool, Inaayah Qazafi, Isaac Medford, Isabella Sykes, Jack Martino, Jacob Book, Jacqueline Chavez, Jad Tannous, Jada Moga, James Pasquale, Jason Tran, Jaycen Murphy, Jenna Supino, Jerusha Robbins, Joe Rosa, Joel Attubato, Jordan Calichman, Kate Shrewsbury, Katie McGuinness, Kayla Santo, Kiara Alarcon, Kira Miles, Lara Schmitz, Lauren Mattia, Lee Malone, Lillian Williams, Lilly Collins, Lilly McSweeney, Lily MacEachern, Lily White, Lucas Deraps and Lucy Chamberlin.

The remaining LHS students whose artwork was displayed at Open Studios were Maeve Wertz, Maggie Hatzis, Mahir Akhter, Megan Collins, Melanie O’Boyle, Melina Haggis, Mia Capodiupo, Mia Moore, Nate McQueen, Olivia DeLeo, Olivia Sullivan, Patrick Brown, Rayna Downey, Reagan Chisholm, Rishabh Anand, Roxie Beatrice, Sahil Patel, Sam Monkiewicz, Sam Scimemi, Samuel Childress, Serafima Gavrilova, Shane MacEachern, Sierra Scanlon,

Siri Tudi, Sofia Giardina, Sophia Catinazzo, Sophia Tramontozzi, Stefania Bonavita, Syd Hughes, Thayer Sutherland, Tobin Ventolieri, Victoria Clancy, Victoria Ruisi, Zach Evangelista, Zach Unger, Zachary Chiarella, Zakaria Elhallabi, Zaniya Dixon, Zoe O’Brien and Zoe Rockwell.

LHS band students

The LHS students who performed at the Spring Concert were Jacob Book, Mari Chambers, Brian Flores-Cuvedo, Taj Gaafer, Nick Lozada, Luke McQueen, Shealyn Moore, Charlie Morgan, Oliver Morgan, Isabella Ruocco, Mike Savio, Kabir Singh, Paddy Spychalski, Sahil Patel, Alex Adreani, Lucas Adreani, Adishree Batchu, Shlok Kudrimoti, Max Lin, Matt Reinold, Josh Robins, Malak Al-Mamori, Keely Briggs, Janhavi Joglekar, Rachel Lim, Mahdi Makki, Jake Martinho, Shea McCarthy, Ryan Michalski, Ellie Morse, Grace Pena, Haniya Qazafi, Jason Sewyck, Kaiden Stefo, Benjamin Tagg, Siri Tudi and Kenneth Waldron-Price.

LMS students

The LMS students whose artwork was put on display at Open Studios were Anna Gallagher, Arianna Marton, Avery Trippe, Brielle Hutter, Charlotte McManus, Cordelia Gunning, Cordelia Langton, Geo Paul, Hannah Kaufman, Jessica Olsen, Kassidy Gordon, Lillian Spillane, Lucia Palmer, Meghan Geary, Nova Khajadourian, Sophia DePrizio, Stephanie Zhu, Talisa Figueiredo, Tessa Sgroi, Thea Splansky and Vanessa Leahy.