Published in the December 23, 2016 edition

MELROSE — Donations to the Melrose Emergency Fund topped $38,000 this week, with donations from several local businesses, including Sexton & Donohue, Williams & Alley Insurance and Kells Craft Construction.

“I want to thank all those who have contributed so generously to the Emergency Fund during this holiday season,” said Mayor Robert J. Dolan. “They have helped ensure that many Melrose families will have a warmer, happier holiday and that there will be help for them when the need arises throughout the year.”

The Emergency Fund provides one-time help to Melrose residents experiencing financial emergencies. All donations go directly to aid, with no administrative costs, and the fund administrator makes referrals to other local agencies if needed.

Watch for the Emergency Fund holiday special, featuring Mayor Dolan and other City Hall staff, which will be running frequently throughout the month of December on MMTV.

Recent donors to the Emergency Fund include:

MARY SEXTON AND BILL DONOHUE of Sexton & Donohue present Mayor Rob Dolan with a donation to the Emergency Fund.

MARY SEXTON AND BILL DONOHUE of Sexton & Donohue present Mayor Rob Dolan with a donation to the Emergency Fund.

Jerrold and Donna Larsson

Marie-Josee Bonneau and Martin Tremblay

Joyce Zeiner

John and Carol Brandano

Frank T. Paolino

The Shinkwin Family

Keith and Bauhinia DiMatteo

Jason and Kerry Webb

Brian and Mary McNiff

Susan and Edward Hollingshead

Michael and Sue Anne Kostur

Richard and Julie Gordon

Enrico and Nelaine Vinciarelli

Suzanne and Steve Locke

Michael and Susan Morris

John and Christine Oteri

Susan Sorrenti

David and Carol Newell

Maureen Elia

Melrose School Nurses

The McCarthy Family

Helen Cronin and Leanne Berlinsky

Francis and Marguerite Squatrito

Bernadette Kennedy

William and Christine LeDuc

A. David Metell

Nancy McLellan

Dr. James Timmons and Mary Timmons

Kathleen Collins

Richard and Ann Spataro

Anthony and Judith Pecci

Michele Ford Guihan

Barbara and Michael Cassavoy

Mary Werler and Gary Pzegeo

Elaine and Jeffrey Bemis

Paula and Glen Emelock

Eleanor and Marco Marchi

The McLean Family

Leone Fagan and Jean Bell

Bart Galvin

Annetta Boisselle

Peter and Mary Jo Regan

Sara M. Shelton

Jon and Claire Scarborough

Charles J. Sheridan

David Eckler and Ellen McGlynn

Henry and Maura Bagley

Bruce and Lois Mackey

Elsie MacDonald

George and Siobhan Haldeman

Leonard and Joanne Colasanti

Melrose Emblem Club No. 89

Jill and Jeffrey Brogan

Esther Parsons

Robert Christiansen

Annabelle Shields

Ralph and Roberta Puopolo

Brian and Katielynn Getty

David and Kathleen Driscoll

Mary Edwards

Beverly Krusemark

Jill and Steve Geisler

Jack and Amy Beckley

The MacIntosh Family

Kells Craft Construction

Lynne and Peter Reveno

Sandra Dixon and Tracey Cruickshank

David and Maureen Kourtz

John and Mimi Lynch

Karen and Lawrence Capuano

Yvonne and Peter Vanderhorst

Diana and James Reppucci

Jan and Lou Crafts

Jean Robinson and Stanley Smiley

Debrah and Kevin Brooks

Robert and Susan Walsh

Danielle and Joseph Sullivan

Ed and Ginny Colbert

Bob and Sara Linnehan

Deborah Hurley

Williams & Alley Insurance

Ron Alley

To make a donation, send a check to Melrose Emergency Fund, Mayor’s Office, 562 Main St., Melrose MA 02176 or bring it directly to the Mayor’s Office on the second floor of City Hall. Checks should be made out to the City of Melrose, with “Melrose Emergency Fund” in the memo line. For more information about the fund, call 781-979-4440.