Published July 25, 2019


WAKEFIELD — Last Thursday, players from Wakefield Little League’s Majors Division performed under the bright lights of Front Nasella field for what perhaps could be the last time as they continue their baseball journey into the Senior Leagues.

The night featured a cookout, as well as competitions including running the bases, pitching, throwing from the outfield and the classic home run derby.

In the running the bases competition, players circled the bags and were timed by coaches. The top five times moved on to a five-person runoff, where the top time was crowned the champion. Henry Brown, Ian Christie, Mike Covelluzzi, Cam DiPrizio, and Aidan Martin all advanced to the final round. DiPrizio took the crown with a winning time of 12.7 seconds.

WAKEFIELD LITTLE League president Bryan Fabbri talks to the players after a fun night of festivities and competition. (Noah Greif Photo)

The players turned their focus to the mound for a pitching competition. Each player threw two balls, and the five fastest pitches moved on to the final round. Nate Brissette, Henry Brown, Mikey Covelluzzi, Luke Greif and Sean O’Rourke all threw at impressive speeds to advance. O’Rourke took the victory with a final pitch at 60 miles per hour, an astounding speed for a 12-year-old.

The next competition was throwing from the outfield, where players tested their arm strength by making throws from center field to the pitcher’s mound, where a pitching net with a hole in the middle stood as the target. Players got three throws. If a player threw the ball straight in the net they received five points. Three points were awarded for hitting the net out of the air. If it bounced and went into the net, players received two points and one point for hitting the net on a bounce. Six players, who received a score of five or six points, advanced to the final round.

CAM DIPRIZIO (back) and Kevin DeGray (front) try their luck in the home run derby
at Wakefield Little League’s Senior Night. (Noah Greif Photo)

These six players were Nate Brissette, Ian Christie, Mikey Covelluzzi, Cam DiPrizio, Luke Greif and Sean O’Rourke. O’Rourke won his second straight competition with a winning score of eight points.

The last and most highly anticipated event of the night was the home run derby. Matt Beaver took home the crown with one home run. Mikey Covelluzzi and Nate Brissette qualified for a second-place faceoff that had the crowd on their feet. Brissette outlasted Covelluzzi after each hit a home run by hitting his final ball further.

The night allowed players to relax from the usual competitive environment during the spring baseball season.

“I enjoyed running around the bases because it brought a great thrill,” said Charles Gagne, a former member of the Orioles Little League team. “Everyone was waiting to see what times people got. I liked the home run derby too because it was fun watching people hit bombs. Some people didn’t even hit a homer in the regular season and they did today. It was great.”

The players and parents would like to thank Wakefield Little League president Bryan Fabbri and volunteer coaches for making this event possible.