RECREATION COMMISSION CHAIR Michael Cuddy (left) introduced new Recreation Director Jimmy Olsen during a recent School Committee meeting.


LYNNFIELD — The town has a new recreation director.

Lynnfield Recreation Director Jimmy Olsen was formally introduced to the community during a recent School Committee meeting. Olsen succeeds retired Recreation Director Julie Mallett, who stepped down late last year after leading the department for 11 years.

Olsen worked as the assistant director for Amesbury Parks and Recreation for six-and-a-half years.

“Before that, I worked at numerous programs and camps,” said Olsen. “My goal here is to build the Recreation Department and offer safe and fun programs for all of the kids involved.”

Recreation Commission member Kimberlee Kossover Hansen noted in a post on the Lynnfield Recreation Page on Facebook that Olsen “successfully orchestrated a variety of recreational and vacation programs that catered to diverse age groups and interests” while working in Amesbury.

“Jimmy is known for fostering a positive and inclusive environment that led to increased participation and overall satisfaction among program participants and staff,” Kossover Hansen wrote. “We are confident that Jimmy’s creative approach and strong organizational skills will enhance the town of Lynnfield’s recreational offerings and contribute to the well-being of this community.”

School Committee Chair Kate DePrizio welcomed Olsen to Lynnfield. She asked Olsen if he will be looking to create adult programming in addition to programming for kids.

“We have had many residents who have wanted that for awhile,” said DePrizio.

Olsen said he will be developing adult programs in the future.

“Adult programming will come,” said Olsen. “Right now, I am diving into summer programming because we are little bit behind the eight ball. Back in Amesbury, I already planned a whole summer of programs. We are working on it.”

Lynnfield Recreation opened registration for summer programs last week. Residents can register their children by visiting

In response to a question from DePrizio, Olsen said his office is located by Huckleberry Hill School’s gym.

Olsen noted that he brought 37 middle school students to In the Game in Peabody on a recent early release day.

“It was great,” said Olsen. “We got on the bus, spent the afternoon there, played some video games and ate some pizza. It was a good time.”

Olsen said he has enjoyed getting to know the community since he took over Lynnfield Rec.

“Everyone has been really great,” said Olsen.

Former School Committee member Tim Doyle asked Olsen how can residents get in touch with him.

Olsen said the best way to reach him is through email at He also encouraged residents to follow the Lynnfield Recreation Page on Facebook.

“I am big on social media,” said Olsen. “I will still send email blasts from”

Recreation Commission Chair Michael Cuddy asked the School Committee if they would be open to modifying the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for athletic fields by incorporating Lynnfield Middle School’s tennis courts into the pact.

“We currently have language in there around when the fields get handed off to Rec for scheduling,” said Cuddy. “We would like to do something similar with the tennis courts since they have been painted for pickleball. We need to schedule those courts.”

DePrizio asked if Lynnfield Rec has been receiving emails about the LMS tennis courts.

Olsen said residents have asked about different pickleball schedules and what time the LMS tennis courts can be used to play the sport.

School Committee Vice Chair Jamie Hayman recalled that the new Lynnfield High School tennis courts were constructed last year.

“One of the intents for that was double lining the middle school courts for pickleball,” said Hayman. “The other intent was to create an MOU with Rec to dictate when that handoff happens. That has been in the planning, but there have been changes with Rec and there have been changes on School Committee in that time. I am sure we can arrange something that is similar to the fields. From the schools’ perspective, the tennis teams need the middle school courts for practices, but not for matches. The MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association) will not let you play tennis on double lined courts, but they will let you play sports on quadruple lined fields.”

Hayman suggested that Cuddy and Olsen reach out to Interim Superintendent Tom Geary to discuss revising the MOU.