Published March 13, 2019


LYNNFIELD — A humble and proud Glenn Davis was officially sworn in as the town’s new fire chief during a ceremony at the Meeting House on March 6.

Davis’ family, friends, local officials and a large crowd of firefighters from town and the area came to the ceremony to show their support for the new chief. Retired Police-Fire Chief Paul Romano, retired Deputy Fire Chief Francis Lennon, retired Assistant Fire Chief/former Selectman Bob MacKendrick, retired Fire Chief Joseph Lingel, state Rep. Brad Jones (R-North Reading) and state Sen. Brendan Crighton (D-Lynn) were among the ceremony’s attendees.

After Fire Chaplain/St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Rev. Robert Bacon gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, Police Chief David Breen welcomed attendees to the ceremony.

Selectmen Chairman Dick Dalton said Davis’ swearing-in ceremony marked “a great day for the Lynnfield Fire Department and the town of Lynnfield.”

“The appointment of Glenn Davis is a good step in the right direction,” said Dalton. “I have the deepest respect for Glenn and all that he has accomplished in his career.”

GLENN DAVIS received congratulatory hugs from his grandchildren Dominic (left) and Noah after he was sworn-in as fire chief on March 6. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

Dalton recalled that the Fire Chief Screening Committee interviewed five internal candidates who were looking to succeed former Fire Chief Mark Tetreault.

“At the end of the interviews, we asked everyone, ‘What do you think about the candidates’ and ‘Who might be your first choice,’” said Dalton. “As I listened to everybody, the remarks were so consistent. Everybody took away the same thing from Glenn’s interview. They had complete confidence that he would lead this department and lead it in an exceptional way. The same thing happened when the Board of Selectmen interviewed him. It was unanimous once again. It is a tribute to this man who has really impressed the community in his years of service here.”

Dalton said he is confident Davis “will bring a leadership style that all of the Fire Department’s personnel will be able to appreciate.”

“I see him as an inclusive leader who really loves the fire service and wants to make the Lynnfield Fire Department as good of a department as there is,” continued Dalton. “Glenn, congratulations. You are well deserving of this. I am so happy for the town and the Fire Department.”

Breen noted he served on the Fire Chief Screening Committee along with Dalton.

“I was pleased to do so,” said Breen. “I have known Glenn for about 25 years. Glenn is thought very highly of not only in the Fire Department, but also by the Police Department. I was very pleased when Glenn was appointed.”

Breen said he and Davis have developed a close working relationship since the new chief began leading the Fire Department on Jan. 1. Breen said they are committed to “making Lynnfield a better town in which to live.”

“We are going to get the departments’ synergy in a better spot and we are making strides to do so,” said Breen. “I am very pleased to be able to work with you every day. Congratulations.”

After Town Clerk Trudy Reid administered the oath of office to Davis, he was given a standing ovation and a round of applause.

State Fire Marshall Peter Ostroskey said the ceremony was “a big day for the community and a big day for the chief and his family.” He said the Fire Department has “a great leader in Chief Davis.”

“I know the chief has prepared for a long time and it’s a great day when somebody from within your department can be promoted into this position,” said Ostroskey. “Having served as a local fire chief in my hometown, I know that today is a great day of pride for Chief Davis and his family. It’s a great day of pride for the town of Lynnfield, and it’s a great day of pride for our commonwealth as we join together and celebrate this occasion. You have a great department and a great leader, and there is a lot of great things coming as things move along.”

After Ostroskey concluded his remarks, Davis had his son Greg pin the chief’s badge on him. He also had his daughter Amanda and grandson Dominic present him with his helmet and fire shield.

Davis, who was beaming with pride throughout the ceremony, thanked the large number of attendees for coming to the event. He thanked Romano, Lennon and Lingel for the support they have given him over the course of his career.

“You are a big part of my career,” said Davis. “I appreciate you being here today.”

Davis thanked the fire chiefs from neighboring towns for coming to the ceremony.

“It means a lot,” said Davis. “The collaboration of these talented individuals is a great support system for our region. Not only on days like today, but in times of need. The mutual aid system is amazing.”

Davis said he is looking forward to working closely with Breen and the Police Department.

“The collaboration between police and fire is essential for public safety in Lynnfield,” said Davis. “I think we have already gotten off to a great start. I see great things for the town of Lynnfield with us working together.”

Davis noted he was first appointed to the Lynnfield Fire Department 28 years ago.

“I was appointed on Sept. 11, 1990 by retired Fire Chief Paul Romano,” said Davis. “I was appointed to lieutenant in 2009 by Chief Romano. Retired Chief Lennon promoted me captain in 2010. Joe Lingel promoted me to deputy chief in 2012. And today, I want to thank the Board of Selectmen for putting their trust in me by making me the next Lynnfield fire chief.”

Davis thanked Lynnfield firefighters for the support they have given him over the years.

“Without them, I am nothing,” said Davis. “I am here to support, lead, mentor and inspire each and everyone of you so you can be the best that you can be. Our career and call members are some of the most dedicated, committed and hardworking people I have had the pleasure to meet and work with. I am truly thankful for the mutual trust and respect of all the Lynnfield Fire Department members.”

Davis noted he and his wife Wendy raised their two children in town. He thanked Wendy, Greg, Amanda and his grandchildren Dominic and Noah for their unconditional love and support.

“I am proud to say I have made the town of Lynnfield my home for over 30 years,” said Davis. “I want to thank my family for their continuous support of my commitment to the Lynnfield Fire Department. It’s not always easy. The demands can be great and often at non-optimal times. Dinnertime, holidays, middle of the night, etc., my family has always been there to support me in this endeavor. Thank you.”

After Davis concluded his remarks, he was given a standing ovation and a round of applause. Rev. Bacon gave the benediction at the end of the ceremony.