NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS, from left, Vice President Abby Adamo, Treasurer Caitlin McCormick, Co-President Olivia Reska, Secretary Elizabeth Schmidt, Co-President Sam Bunar and Tutor Coordinator Sarah Breslow recently helped induct 52 new members into the LHS Chapter of NHS. (Dan Tomasello Photo)



LYNNFIELD — Fifty-two juniors were recently inducted into Lynnfield High School’s National Honor Society Chapter.

NHS Co-Advisor Liz LaMonica welcomed the inductees, families, current NHS members, educators and school officials to the ceremony in the LHS auditorium.

“It is wonderful to see all of you gathered together in a normal way once again,” said LaMonica.

LaMonica said the 52 inductees worked incredibly hard to be inducted into the NHS Chapter at LHS.

“This achievement was earned over the last two years of their high school careers, which has not been normal,” said LaMonica. “It’s an amazing achievement.”

LaMonica recalled that the National Honor Society is “the oldest, largest and most prestigious student recognition program” in the United States.

“Throughout the year, the National Honor Society members serve as role models for other students,” said LaMonica. “In addition to the strong academic records they have established, our members are leaders in many student organizations. They serve the school and community in many activities, including academic peer tutoring, mentorship and our recent March canned food drive. We are proud of this record of accomplishment and welcome these new members who bring new energy in support of our continuing work as NHS members.”


LYNNFIELD HIGH EDUCATORS, from left, science teacher Steve Smith, retiring nurse Mary Homan, special education teacher Christine Hebert and retiring math/business teacher Jim Thoen were honored during the recent National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. (Dan Tomasello Photo)


NHS Co-President Olivia Reska gave an overview of the NHS pillar of scholarship.

“Scholarship shows a commitment to learning,” said Reska. “We should continue learning even when formal education has ended. Knowledge is acquired through diligence and effort.”

NHS Tutoring Coordinator Sarah Breslow discussed the pillar of service.

“A willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without monetary compensation or public recognition is the quality we seek in our membership and promote in the entire student body,” said Breslow.

NHS Treasurer Caitlin McCormick gave an overview of the NHS pillar of leadership.

“Leadership should exert a wholesome influence on the school,” said McCormick. “Taking initiative in the classroom and in school activities, a leader strives to train and aid others to reach their goals successfully. A leader has the willingness to yield one’s personal interest for the interest of others.”

NHS senior member Lauren Lim discussed the pillar of character.

“It is the force of character that guides us through life and once developed, grows steadily within,” said Lim. “Character is achieved and not received. It is the product of constant thought and action.”

After the four NHS pillars were discussed, four educators were recognized for their contributions to the LHS community.

NHS senior member Natalie Deady said special education teacher Christine Hebert “represents the National Honor Society pillar of leadership.”

“Mrs. Hebert has worked extremely hard as a special education teacher for the past nine years,” said Deady. “Although not everyone has the privilege to work with Mrs. Hebert, her spirit can be seen everywhere in the school. This year, Mrs. Hebert has created a coffee shop. Her students prepare and deliver orders to teachers on Friday mornings. Not only does this teach them important life skills, it teaches students extremely valuable communication skills.”

Deady also noted that Hebert serves as an advisor for Lynnfield High’s Best Buddies chapter.

“Best Buddies is an extracurricular organization that helps build friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Deady. “She is also one of the advisors for the Class of 2024. Mrs. Hebert’s amazing skills not only as a teacher, but also as a mentor has created an amazing environment for everyone to be around.”

Reska said retiring nurse Mary Homan embodies the NHS pillar of service. She recalled that she has known Homan for a number of years because the LHS nurse is friends’ with her mom.

“Mrs. Homan has been the nurse at Lynnfield High School for the past 17 years,” said Reska. “She has aided almost every student in the building. Whether the issue was minor such as needing a Band-Aid or more complex health issues, Mrs. Homan has been more than happy to help out every student. Coming into the high school as a freshman, I always thought the nurse’s office was a safe space for me because of Mrs. Homan. She made me feel like I had a friend in the school, and was someone I could go to for comfort and reassurance when I was feeling sick or was nervous about a test.”

Reska recalled that the COVID-19 pandemic was incredibly challenging for school nurses such as Homan.

“For every person who tested positive for COVID in the building, Mrs. Homan would have to track down and call every individual the positive person came in contact with,” said Reska. “This year, Mrs. Homan had to administer a policy called Test and Stay. Mrs. Homan risked her health so that students could have the ability to stay in school and learn throughout the pandemic. Working closely with infected students was an amazing sacrifice that Mrs. Homan made. Mrs. Homan has improved the school as a whole. She puts others before her self every day, and is always willing to help someone in need.”

NHS Co-President Sam Bunar said science teacher Stephen Smith represents the NHS pillar of scholarship.

“Mr. Smith’s passion for teaching enables him to help students comprehend complex ideas,” said Bunar. “I first met Mr. Smith over a computer screen in his physics class on my first day of junior year. During our hybrid schedule, Mr. Smith addressed students who were online and in class. This gave remote learners the same understanding of his lessons as those in person.”

Bunar also said Smith goes out of his way to help students learn.

“Throughout the entirety of the year, Mr. Smith spared time to help his students prepare for tests and quizzes,” said Bunar. “He offered extra Zoom calls and in-person help to help students clarify any concepts they were struggling with. He provided clear instructions and concise corrections that helped students improve their work. The persistent efforts of Mr. Smith gave his students the means to succeed in his class.”

NHS senior member Andrew Shone said retiring math/business teacher Jim Thoen represents the NHS pillar of character.

“I have known Mr. Thoen since my freshman year when I first joined the Debate Team,” said Shone. “Since the first practice I attended, his passion for the subject as well as his experience was extremely evident. I finally had the pleasure of taking Mr. Thoen’s Personal Finance class this year. My time learning under him has made me feel uniquely prepared for life in a way no other class has. That is the direct result of Mr. Thoen’s passion for his students. His character, passion and unique personality will be sorely missed next year. I had a fantastic high school career working with Mr. Thoen. Thank you for all that you brought to this community.”

The ceremony’s attendees gave each educator a round of applause.

After the four educators were recognized, LHS Principal Bob Cleary administered the NHS Pledge to the 52 inductees.

“Congratulations to our honorees,” said Cleary. “The recognition is well deserved. Your hard work and dedication has paid off, and it is always pleasure to recognize those efforts.”

After Cleary administered the NHS Pledge, LaMonica and NHS Co-Advisor Karen Ellis presented certificates and pins to the 52 inductees.


The 52 LHS juniors inducted in the NHS were Katherine Adamo, Sahil Akhter, Lauren Amico, Charles Beatrice, Vincent Benvenuto, Avery Bird, Nate Buklarewicz, Aidan Burns, Sophia Calle, Julia Carbone, Kevin Connolly, Courtney Cumming, Madison Daigle, Ella Deirmendjian, Aran Dharma, Steven Dreher and Ella Feury.

As well as Alexander Gentile, Evyenia Georges, Genna Gioioso, Ella Gizmunt, Maria Gravini, Hannah Gromko, Bianca Guarracino, Julia Ho, Adam Ho, Gabrielle Jacobs, Kevin Julian, Owen Klee, Sumaedha Konduri, Marianne Lane, Carissa LoNigro and Fisher Luba.

The remaining juniors inducted in the NHS were Camden Marengi, Robert Marley, Colin McCormick, Grace McKrell, Daniel McSweeney, Isabella Mendese, Erin Murray, Alyssa O’Keefe, Damon O’Neil, Jason Passatempo, Sofia Raffa, Munir Safwan, Owen Santarella, James Sharkey, Avi Shrivastava, Emme Speicher, Winnie Wang and Ava Zalvan.