‘Hearing 80 voices united in song is the best sound ever’

Published in the January 17, 2018 edition

“WE’RE A COUPLE OF SWELLS,” an Irving Berlin standard, was sung by HHS first-graders, from left, Vera Davis, Sofia Elliott and Ahrielle Thomas at Fine Arts Night. (Jillian String Photo)


LYNNFIELD — The Huckleberry Hill School was alive with the sound of music Thursday evening during its annual Winter Fine Arts Night. The event showcased musical performances and artwork created by students in grades K-2.

“Fine Arts Night was started back in 2005 with grades K through 4,” said Art Specialist Kathleen Lorenzo, “But it became so popular that we had to break it up.” Indeed, Lorenzo speaks the truth. The school hallways and all purpose room were lined with students, families and friends, eager to experience all this event had to offer.

Lorenzo and Music Specialist Kerrie Fraser have been working tirelessly with their talented students since September in preparation for this special evening. Music performances were held by grade level in the all purpose room. This year, students paid tribute to American songwriter Irving Berlin. Each grade sang “God Bless America” and one other Irving Berlin tune.

FIRST-GRADER Taylor Gassiraro shares her hibernation artwork at the HHS Winter Fine Arts Night. (Jillian String Photo)

Fraser admitted that she had difficulty choosing just three songs from Berlin’s vast repertoire, but she ultimately decided on “I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning” for kindergarten, “We’re a Couple of Swells” for first grade, and “The Freedom Train” for second grade. Kindergarten and first grade students rounded out their performances with other traditional songs, while second grade students concluded their performance with an original song entitled “The Huckleberry Hero Song,” written by Fraser.

When asked about her favorite part of the event, Fraser commented, “What’s super fun (about Fine Arts Night) is that everyone gets to hear what I hear every day… hearing 80 voices united in song is the best sound ever.”

Artwork transforms hallways

When not watching the performers on stage in the all purpose room, families were invited to wander through the art gallery. Student artwork, including snowflakes, winter flowers and gingerbread people, hung throughout the hallways of the school, transforming them into a true winter wonderland.

There were also display cases set up in the lobby area to showcase snowman sculptures carefully constructed by kindergarten students. Lorenzo noted that in recent years she has had the students hang their own artwork. This way the artwork is at their level, and they know exactly where it is, making it easier to share with family and friends.

“The best thing (about Fine Arts Night) for me is when I walk down the halls and see kids beaming while sharing their work with their families,” Lorenzo said.

The excitement is far from over in the art and music departments, however. Both Lorenzo and Fraser are already hard at work preparing for Huckleberry’s Spring Fine Arts Night in April, when students in grades 3 and 4 will have an opportunity to showcase their talents.