In 120th running of the Boston Marathon

Published in the April 19, 2016 edition.

BOSTON — On a warm April day, there were 36 Wakefield runners that were entered and ran under the warm conditions in the 120th running of the Boston Marathon yesterday among more than 30,000 entrants.

While Ethiopia’s Lemi Berhanu Hayle was crowned the men’s champion in a time of 2:12:45 and Ethiopia’s Atsede Baysa was the women’s champion with a time of 2:29:19, there were some fine performances by the Wakefield contingent in the 26.2 mile race.

Gavin Macbeath, 46, was the top Wakefield finisher as he posted a time of 3:18:40. Macbeath topped the second place male runner from Wakefield which was Glen Josephson, 46. Josephson clocked in at 3:39:30.

The top female finisher from Wakefield was Heather Lane, 39, who clocked in at 3:31:13. She topped the second place female runner from Wakefield who was Jillian Alves, 26. Alves ran a time of 3:33:38.

The third, fourth and fifth female finishers among the Wakefield contingent included Elissa Quinn, 33, Sharon Seabury, 44, and Erica Ferrell, 33. They posted times of 3:37:41, 3:45:26, 3:57:17, respectively.

The third, fourth and fifth male runners from Wakefield were Michael Mondello, 44, Patrick Glynn, 53, and Bryan Ody, 33. They ran times of 3:46:38, 3:50:16 and 3:51:26, respectively.

Those were all the Wakefield runners who finished the race in under four hours as well.

The rest of the male runners that were officially entered and finished the race included: Shawn Conway (4:01:48), Benjamin Mazza (4:15:42), Matthew Fowler (4:25:56), Matthew Surette (4:33:41), Carly Carioli (4:45:27) and Nicholas Kollett (4:52:35).

The rest of the female runners that were officially entered and finished the race included: Jennifer DeSimone (4:27:55), Caitlin Leary (4:29:32), Ana Morel (4:36:11), Amy Hubbard (4:45:33), Kristen Blumetti (4:45:59), Lori Rivas (4:50:88), Krissy Nowell (4:51:39), Lori Boxter (5:22:40) and Thuy Dang (5:23:54).

There were no official results for Mark Bachta, Richard Collette Jr., Charles Curran III, Maria Disisto, Michael Hartin, Elizabeth Hopwood, Courtney Hunt, Michelle Magliozzi, Angela Mioglionico, Justin Peledge and Adam Way.