LYNNFIELD — Former School Committee members Phil McQueen and Tim Doyle were recognized for their service during their final meeting.

School Committee Chair Kate DePrizio said it was a “privilege” to serve with McQueen the past three years.

“We all sincerely appreciate the time and the sacrifices you and your family have made in your six years of service as a School Committee member,” said DePrizio. “Your unique perspective as an educator benefits the School Committee in all ways. We appreciate your dedication to student agency and your DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) work to ensure that all students are welcomed, celebrated and supported. I will miss our side conversations and our irreverent humor as well as your calm and steadfast spirit guiding us in tumultuous times. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Lynnfield Public Schools and the town of Lynnfield.”

Then-School Committee Vice Chair Jamie Hayman said it was “a pleasure and a honor” to work with McQueen over the past six years.

“The best compliment I can give you is you made me better at this,” said Hayman. “I learned a lot from you and I learned a lot about education. I learned a lot about understanding different perspectives and I learned a lot about myself. You will definitely be missed.”

Interim Superintendent Tom Geary said McQueen helped him “think in different ways” and “understand things from a different perspective.”

“I want to thank you for your time and your service,” said Geary.

Doyle said McQueen made him “work every step of the way on School Committee.”

“From running an election to this evening, you made think, you made me look at things differently, made me work and made me reflect,” said Doyle. “I can’t thank you enough because you made me a better School Committee member because of that. I appreciate all of your time and service as well as your family’s sacrifice, which a lot of families don’t understand unless they have a parent or a spouse sitting up here. It’s a significant sacrifice and it can be stressful, as we have all experienced. Kudos to your family for giving you all of the support.”

School Committee member Jim Dillon said he “appreciates” McQueen’s dedication to the students he teaches at Lynn Classical High School.

“Phil is very dedicated to his students,” said Dillon. “He takes it personally, and I really respect and appreciate that.”

McQueen thanked the interim School Committee for the support they provided him over the past three months. He also thanked Geary for “stepping up magnificently over the last few months” while serving as interim superintendent. He also thanked Central Office executive assistant Annmarie McCormick for her “diligent minute taking” during School Committee meetings.

“I would like to thank Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Kevin Cyr for his thoughtful and deliberate curriculum work over the years,” said McQueen. “He has done a magnificent job.”

McQueen thanked former School Committee members Dorothy Presser, Rich Sjoberg and Stacy Dahlstedt for the support they provided him over their respective tenures. He also thanked retired Superintendent Jane Tremblay and former Superintendent Kristen Vogel for their support.

“I want to thank all of the educators, administrators and school staff, especially all of the teachers who have given my boys Shane, Luke and Nate such a wonderful educational experience in this town,” McQueen continued. “I would like to thank all of my supporters and volunteers over the last two election cycles.”

McQueen thanked DePrizio for providing “great leadership” as chair. He thanked Dillon and Doyle for volunteering to serve as interim School Committee members. He also said he will miss working with Hayman.

“I also learned a lot from you,” McQueen said to Hayman.

McQueen also thanked Lynnfield Media Studios Executive Director Eric Hamlin and cameraman Drew Sanborn for broadcasting the School Committee’s meetings.

“Lastly and most importantly, I would like to thank my wife Deanna and my family for their support and patience over the last six years,” said McQueen.

The meeting’s attendees gave McQueen a round of applause.

DePrizio recalled that she and Doyle served on the Budget Subcommittee for the last two months.

“As a Budget Subcommittee member, you have absolutely been invaluable,” said DePrizio. “I am grateful to have your support, your leadership, your integrity and your experience to rely on. You bring a sense of direction to things, always pointing north. You are always steadfast and the most reliable to consult with in all of the times I needed. I have the most gratitude for your service.”

Hayman had a case of déjà vu while honoring Doyle because he recalled that he stepped down from the School Committee a second time in 2021. Doyle previously served on the school board from 2000-2012 and 2015-2021.

“We did this three years ago,” said Hayman. “I appreciate everything you have brought to the table, your perspective, your historical knowledge and your willingness to just jump in.”

Dillon recalled that he served with Doyle for 10 years in the 2000s. He said Doyle is always focused on the school system’s entire 2,100 students.

“That means every kid going to school,” said Dillon. “I have worked with a lot of great School Committee members, and I think Tim might be the greatest School Committee member I have ever worked with. You are definitely a first-ballot hall of fame School Committee member. You are a wonderful person to work with.”

Doyle thanked Dillon for “being a great mentor.”

“Everything that you taught me to do two decades ago has come to fruition,” said Doyle. “Hopefully, I have amped it up and brought a better perspective, and built upon what you taught me.”

Doyle said DePrizio “hit a home run” over the course of her tenure serving as the School Committee’s chair.

“All four of us galvanized around you to try and make this happen and make it go well,” said Doyle. “I think it has gone incredibly well. Your effort has been tremendous and you are a tireless worker.”

Doyle also thanked Geary’s wife Karen and sons Andrew and Kevin for the support they have provided the interim superintendent.

“God bless you,” said Doyle. “Your husband and your dad have taken on a tremendous challenge. Be patient and supportive of him. He will be done next June.”

The meeting’s attendees gave Doyle a round of applause.