MELROSE — The Melrose Police Department is pleased to report that Chief Michael Lyle, representatives of the Melrose Police Department, and mental health clinician Toni Corcoran will host a meet and greet on Thursday, July 14 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Milano Center, 201 West Foster Street.

A chance to be introduced to and get to know Toni Corcoran, the new mental health clinician hired to operate a joint Jail/Arrest Diversion Program for Melrose and Stoneham Police.

Thanks to grant funding from the Department of Mental Health, Melrose Police and Stoneham Police have launched a joint Jail/Arrest Diversion program, and hired Corcoran to serve as the program’s clinician.

This event will give residents an opportunity to meet Corcoran, and to discuss details of the new program, as well as a chance to interact with and talk to Melrose Police Officers.

Corcoran will work with both Melrose and Stoneham Police and connect residents in need to critical services. The clinician will train officers for improved and more consistent responses on mental health calls, and ride with officers on shifts with higher call volumes. The clinician also will serve as the Department’s conduit to Eliot Community Health Services, which provides community-based services.

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