Published in the April 20, 2018 edition

MELROSE — Our famous pink flamingos are comin’ to town.  Don’t miss out on our most popular fundraiser for the Melrose Education Foundation. Your donation helps fund grants for all Melrose Public Schools. Our flock orders are flying in and the flamingos will begin landing on April 23.   Visit our website: to place your order today. Rumor has it a few flamingos are already flying around Melrose – check out our Facebook page to see if you can identify where they are…

Here are the details:

• For your tax-deductible donation, you can send a  flock of flamingos to a friend or neighbor in Melrose…or to your own yard. The flock will land on the lawn and remain there for 24 hours.

• You may send a half-a-flock ($25 for 6), full flock ($50 for 12 — looks great in front yard), or jumbo flock ($100 for 24).

• Want to flock a block? If you and your friends order four flocks in the same neighborhood, we will add a free flock and coordinate the deliveries for the same night. Be sure to check the box on the “flock the block” box on the flocking form.

• Is it someone’s birthday? You can send a special birthday flock. Just check the Upgrade Birthday Flock Donation box on the form.

• Questions about how it works? Check out our flocking facts page on our website:

We appreciate your support.