Edge Astros in title game with walk-off home run

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MELROSE — The Nationals from the Melrose National Little League (MNLL) won the Little League City Series this year. They won three games in a week to earn the championship. They edged the Astros, 11-10, in the title game after beating the Indians (7-5) and Red Sox (10-0) prior to that.

Championship Game, June 27

Nationals 11 Astros 10

In an exciting back and forth championship game, the Nationals Ryan Constantino hit a walk-off home run to win the game in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Astros jumped out to an early lead with timely hitting in the first inning from Peter Santos, Colby Moss, Dylan Driscoll and Leonardo Velasquez.

The Nationals climbed back in the game with a three-run home run by Jaret Crockwell in the the second inning.

The Nats got timely hitting from Katie Tarpey, Liam McCall, Sean Thomas and Matt Tarpey.

The Astros got late innings runs with hits from Nick Sasso, Jude Douglas, Andrew Beaushane, Ben Lessor and Sam Chetkin.

The Nationals got great defense from Michael Overlan, Braden Fitzpatrick and Ella DeCecca.

On the mound, the Nationals were led by Ethan Witkowski, Ryan Constantino and Aidan Pacor.

Max Brown made several great catches for the Astros in centerfield robbing the Nationals of extra runs.

Nationals 10 Red Sox 0, June 25

The Nationals received a complete game shutout from Michael Overlan giving up two hits and striking out eight.

The offense for the Nationals was led by Ella DeCecca with a three-run home run.

The Red Sox played all game with good defense from Max Kirby, Matt Whelan, Jay Merullo, Zach Federico and Adam Lakihy.

The Nationals’ well-balanced offense had contributions from Sean Thomas, Matt Tarpey, Katie Tarpey, Liam McCall and Ryan Constantino.

The Red Sox got offense from Matthew Fox, Michaela Maher, Anthony Dimare, Joey Dimare and CJ Maher.

The Nationals flashed some good glove work with Braden Fitzpatrick, Aidan Pacor, Jaret Crockwell and Ethan Witkowski leading the defense.

Nationals 7 Indians 5, June 23

The Nationals outdueled the Indians in a well-pitched game, 7-5. The Nationals were led on the mound by Liam McCall and Aidan Pacor and the Indians got great pitching from Rowan Smith and Nick Trembley.

The Nationals got on the the board in the first inning with timely hitting from Sean Thomas, Michael Overlan, Ryan Constantino and Katie Tarpey.

The Indians’ offense was led by Dom Drago, Mike Richards, Justin Camiello, Connor O’Leary and Chad Costa.

The Nationals’ defense was solid all night and had contributions from Jaret Crckwell, Ethan Withkowski, Ella DeCecca and Matt Tarpey.