NORTH READING — The candidates are: Town Moderator (one-year term): John Murphy; Housing Authority (five-year term): James DeCola (incumbent); School Committee (two three-year terms): Richard McGowan (incumbent), Jennifer Leenders (challenger) and Timothy Sutherland (challenger); Community Planning Commission (two three-year terms): Ryan Carroll (incumbent) and Maxwell Murphy (challenger); Select Board (two three-year terms): Stephen O’Leary (incumbent), Kathryn Manupelli (incumbent) and Nick Masse (challenger).

The revised schedule and order of speakers at Candidates Night is as follows:

  • • 6:30pm:  Doors Open
  • • 8:00pm:  Pledge of Allegiance
  • • 8:05pm:  Introduction
  • •8:15pm: Town Moderator John Murphy (Incumbent)
  • • 8:20pm:  Housing Authority James DeCola (incumbent)
  • • 8:25pm:  Community Planning Commission Ryan Carroll (Incumbent)
  • • 8:30pm:  Community Planning Commission Maxwell Murphy
  • • 8:35pm:  School Committee Richard McGowan (Incumbent)
  • • 8:40pm:  School Committee Timothy Sutherland
  • • 8:45pm:  School Committee Jennifer Leenders
  • • 8:50pm:  Select Board Kathryn Manupelli (Incumbent)
  • • 8:55pm:  Select Board Stephen O’Leary (Incumbent)
  • • 9:00pm:  Select Board Nick Masse (Challenger)
  • • 9:05pm:  Question & Answer

The NRRTC has identified five significant issues facing taxpayers of North Reading:

  • • Wastewater Project
  • • Proposition 2 ½ Override
  • • ADU (Affordable Dwelling Units)
  • • Stretch & Super Stretch Code Mandate.
  • • MBTA Adjacent Communities Compliance

“The role of the NRRTC is simply to be the vehicle to connect the candidates to the voters of North Reading. It will be live streamed on the NRRTC Facebook page and recorded live for later broadcast on NORCAM’s public access channel. Check your cable listing for their channel,” added Yull.

The NRRTC offered its thanks to Debbie Birkmaier of Kitty’s for graciously offering the use of the function room for this event.