Published in the January 6, 2016 edition

WAKEFIELD — A 37-year-old Lynnfield man was arrested by Wakefield police yesterday morning after a road rage incident in which the man displayed a gun. Jason P. Caggiano of 5 Yorkshire Dr. in Lynnfield was arrested near the commuter rail station at North Avenue and Albion Street at about 7:15 a.m. and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (handgun) and improper storage of a firearm.
The victim told police the incident unfolded as an episode of road rage on Salem Street at the traffic lights at the bottom of the Route 128 exit/entrance ramp in Montrose. The victim told police that as the two lanes drop to one lane heading west on Salem Street, Caggiano’s silver Acura sped up and abruptly pulled in front of the other car forcing the victim to slam on his brakes.
The man told police that he then began beeping and flashing his lights at the car that had cut him off, at which point Caggiano abruptly slammed on his brakes for no reason. Things continued and came to a head at the intersection of Vernon and Water streets when the parties exchanged words from their cars. At that point, the victim told police that he saw a black handgun in Caggiano’s right hand.
The victim decided to stop following Caggiano’s car and called police, providing a description of the driver, his car and a plate number.
Police located the unoccupied silver Acura parked near the commuter rail station on North Avenue. Sergeant Joseph Anderson decided to walk over to Dunkin’ Donuts and see if the suspect was in there. As he approached Dunkin’ Donuts, a man, later identified as Caggiano, was leaving the store with his head down and appearing nervous.
When approached, Caggiano said that he knew why police were questioning him. He said that he was driving to work and the other man began following him and giving him the finger. He admitted having the handgun, a Smith and Wesson .380 semi-automatic, which he told police he had unloaded and placed in his trunk.
Police arrested Caggiano on the assault with a dangerous weapon charge as well as for not properly securing the firearm, as the trunk could be accessed from the inside of the car.