Published in the April 29, 2016 edition

MELROSE — The School Committee, facing a significant deficit in the city’s after-school program, agreed this week to raise Education Station fees eight percent.

The move, which was opposed by Lizbeth DeSelm and Jaime McAllister-Grande, would provide a badly needed influx of cash to the program, which has projected revenue this year of $636,780 against a cost of $1,735,244.

McAllister-Grande, in a public plea in last week’s paper, sought input from parents prior to Tuesday’s vote.

The city’s Education Stations have different attendance options for students and parents. The most expensive is the five day Green Line, which currently costs $494 a month to attend. The eight percent increase boosts the monthly tuition to $534.

The distribution of Education Station tuitions, according to data supplied by the administrators, breaks down like this:

• Total payroll — $676,452

• Materials — $220,016

• Custodial costs — $154,604

• Principals’ Partnership Percentage — $47,392

• Melrose Public School Budget Offset — $250,000

• Education Station Revolving Account carry over — 386,780

Tuition money doesn’t even cover the cost of payroll this year, according to figures projected through the end of June 2016.

In addition, the School Committee also approved to raise athletic fees and other extracurricular programs.