Published in the January 2, 2018 edition.

WAKEFIELD — For those who need help removing snow this winter, Shawn Nelson and Oisin Cullen are ready to help.

With another winter storm probably coming Thursday, the Daily Item announces their availability as a public service.

Shawn can go anywhere in town and can be reached at 857-251-9930. Twelve-year-old Oisin lives on Valley Street and can be contacted at either 781-224-0351 or 781-521-7934. 

A long time ago, it was common for kids to make some money shoveling in the aftermath of a snowstorm. It provided exercise, generated some cash and — most importantly to our parents — got us out of the house.

For the past dozen or so winters we have been compiling a list of those who want to shovel as a service to senior citizens or those unable to dig themselves out for whatever reason. If your son or daughter wants to be included as a willing snow remover, send us an email ( On the subject line write “snow shoveling.” Include a daytime phone number and the neighborhood where your children are willing to work.

The paper will list your children’s names, contact information and the areas in town they can work.

We are happy to do this, but we have one request: The customer and snow remover decide on the cost of the work, not us.

Winter is here. Let’s work together to make sure everyone who needs help — and some pocket money — gets it this season.