Published in the February 4, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — Teagan Sparhawk is a selfless young girl who believes in looking out for others. The Woodville School student, who is 7, already has an impressive background in helping those who need it.

This year, she is fundraising for a dog rescue in the Bahamas. She has a goal of raising $5,000 and has already raised over $3,300.

Local businesses have donation jars, she has a youcaring account and also has designed T-shirts to sell with a booster campaign to raise money for these dogs.

She can be liked on Facebook at Teagan’s Treasures.

Teagan was recognized last year as a finalist for the Mary Jo Brown Kindness Award for her anti-bullying stand and her work with dog rescue.

The Daily Item recently asked her father Brian some questions about Teagan.

Q: Has Teagan always been socially conscious?

A: We raised Teagan to always be aware of others’ feelings, as well as be aware how people treat both animals and others. It is one of the fundamentals as parents we firmly believed in. (Brian and Teagan’s mother) are very strong advocates of standing up for what is right and treating everyone as an equal.

Q: How did she get involved in the anti bullying and dog rescue groups?

A: As a kindergartner she saw a classmate bullied over a snack. She felt he shouldn’t be bullied and asked to have the same snack herself. She said she could take the teasing but didn’t want him to endure it because it appeared to bother him. She has a habit of putting other people’s concerns before her own as she is very compassionate.

The rescue side began 4 years ago when we rescued a Catahoula Leopard Dog from Northeast Animal Shelter. As she learned how many dogs get euthanized annually because nobody wants them she decided she wanted to make a difference and founded her rescue in 2014. She advocates for dog rescue, education and training. She helps rescues of her choice with donations, she works with dogs when possible and mostly tries to learn more and new ways all the time to help make a difference. In December of 2013 we began fostering a dog (The Fabulous Freckles is his FB page). Teagan and this particular street dog formed an amazing bond and about a year later we adopted Freckles as our own family member. Freckles came from the Bahamas. Although we adopted him through a rescue in New York, he had an amazing story. Teagan wanted to learn more. We contacted the woman who saved our dog and thus learned about The Voiceless Dogs Of Nassau. Freckles spent years on the streets outside a market in Nassau. He was beaten, hit by a car and sometimes slept in flooded streets without moving. He was a defeated soul; now he is the most loving and amazing dog and a HUGE advocate for street dog adoption. Since then we have fostered and aided in re-homing dogs from Nassau here in the states. The woman who runs Voiceless is an inspiration to Teagan and since meeting her Teagan has wanted to help her raise money and awareness to her plight. We have dogs from the Bahamas ourselves and love trying to make a difference in other dogs lives by raising awareness. Teagan has even met a few people here in Wakefield aware of The Voiceless Dogs Of Nassau, which has over 12,000 followers on FB. In April, during Teagan’s vacation she will be going to Nassau to deliver the funds she raises for Voiceless in person. She will also be volunteering four days of her time to help out at the refuge and feed clean up after the dogs currently kept there awaiting trips to the states to find permanent homes. Teagan has also designed and sold T shirts with to raise funds for Voiceless. All in all she has raised $3,400 toward her goal of $5,000. We believe a little light to her plight and we could help not only some local businesses but make some locals aware of this amazing little girl trying to make a difference for some furry friends!

Q: Where does she go to school? Who are her teachers? What role did they play, if any, in her impressive need to do good things?

A: Teagan goes to the Woodville. Her kindergarten teacher was definitely the most influential for her. Susan Sabatelli was amazing and taught Teagan to embrace the feelings she had of needing to try to make a difference. Plus she loved the Red Sox and David Ortiz as much as Teagan did!

Q: How many local businesses are helping her? Who are some of them?

A: Local business support has been AMAZING, it’s so refreshing as I am a transplant, to see a town so willing to help out. Especially with a cause that does not directly benefit the community itself. Kenneth Hunt, the manager at Wakefield Tire and huge animal lover, was the first to encourage Teagan and allow her to place a jar in his store. His store alone has raised almost $1,300 for Teagan’s cause, which is truly amazing. A great business who does great things for the residents of Wakefield. Bobby at Bellino’s also set Teagan up with a place for a jar and incredible encouragement for her. These business owners don’t just allow her to place donation jars, they complement and encourage her drive, they want to see her make a difference and they support her growth as a person. It is so amazing to see the influence that Teagan has on people, but also the influence and motivation that they provide her. She also has support from The Chuck Wagon diner, they will actually donate 10 percent of your bill to her jar if you mention Teagan’s Treasures. I have always supported them for their support of local vets but since meeting the owners and getting to know them we support them even more! Melissa at Animal Kingdom pet grooming has been fantastic, and Steve Roberts who owns K9 Top Performance not only allows us to have a jar there but has more than helpful in training our dogs and teaching Teagan the essentials of basic dog training. Also the owner of Gone To The Dogs on Albion Street let us have a jar there as well and has helped us out with supplies and food costs.