Published in the June 29, 2017 edition.


WAKEFIELD – Two of the bigger building projects in town, “Wakefield Station” at 175 North Ave. and the new Hallmark Health medical building at 888 Main St. will require the developer to make certain traffic improvements around their respective sites.

Attorney Brian McGrail, who represents the developers for both projects, appeared before the Board of Selectmen this week to obtain the board’s approval of those traffic measures. In both cases the traffic mitigation was required by the Zoning Board of Appeals as a condition in its decisions approving each project. The Board of Selectmen has specific jurisdiction to approve the types of measures involved.

McGrail was joined by Matthew Maggiore of the Maggiore companies to discuss the changes related to the Wakefield Station project.

McGrail reminded the board that Wakefield Station will be a five-story condominium complex of 60 residential units with retail on the ground floor. He pointed out that eight of the units will be designated as “affordable” under Massachusetts law. He said that all of the 52 market rate units are already sold and under agreement.

The traffic and layout improvements for that project as required by the ZBA include:

• The installation of a crosswalk on Armory Street between the building and a parking lot across the street.

• Realignment of parking spaces with a loading zone on Armory Street adjacent to the project with striping and signage.

• The marking of “Do not block intersection” on North Avenue at the intersection with West Water Street

• Realignment of parking spaces on West Water Street adjacent to the project including striping and signage.

All of the work will be done at the expense of the developer. The board voted to approve the measures and to accept as a gift the cost of the acquisition and installation of signs and pavement markings.

Selectman Edward Dombroski made the additional request that the developer donate 10 shade trees to the town to be planted wherever the town sees fit. Maggiore agreed to the request.

With respect to the Hallmark Health building at 888 Main St. in Greenwood, the ZBA had imposed conditions including a parking restriction along the full Main Street frontage of the property. Another ZBA requirement was the installation of a pedestrian crossing on Main Street south of the intersection with Forest Street. The crosswalk and ramp system will include a push button actuated flashing beacon system warning motorists of a pedestrian’s presence in the crosswalk.

In addition, the board asked for additional signage further down in either direction on Main Street warning motorists of the upcoming pedestrian crossing beacon.

All costs will be borne by the developer.

At Selectman Dombroski’s suggestion, the board also will require Hallmark Health to donate 10 shade trees to the town.

The selectmen voted to approve the measures and to accept as a gift any equipment, signs and pavement markings associated with the improvements.

Board member Mehreen Butt, who sits on the Hallmark Heath Board of Directors and is a direct abutter to the project, recused herself from the discussion and the vote.


In other business this week, the Board of Selectmen:

• Authorized Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio to request bids on a piece of tax title property at 28 Redfield Rd.

• Dissolved the Event Planning Committee. Those functions and some members will be absorbed by other groups concerned with the downtown and events like Festival Italia and the Holiday Stroll will continue.

• Granted preliminary approval to The Bread Shop to offer outdoor dining on the sidewalk in front of its 411 Main St. store.