Wakefield is fortunate to have a beautiful library with an enthusiastic staff and many patrons.


There is so much happening in Wakefield and so many letters and columns in print and social media critiquing many things in town. But Wakefield has a treasured resource in the Beebe Library, our librarians, staff and volunteers. And given that last week was National Library Week, I wanted to give a shout out.

The Beebe Library has so much to offer besides the typical large selection of books that we can borrow.  Residents can also borrow extraordinary things such as binoculars or ukelele, you can take craft classes at times, register for a Zoom meeting and have conversations with current and favorite authors, join one of five book discussion groups.  Residents can attend a media session and get assistance with your phone or iPad or learn to use some of the new media equipment that will enable you to transfer those old 35 mm slides to your personal computer device.  Children have so many offerings from story time to teen creative craft sessions and then there’s the summer reading programs which keep your children busy and help them foster the love of reading.

The Beebe is a beautiful building and well laid out. The staff are friendly, professional and ready to help.  When I talk to friends in other towns about the library resources we have here in Wakefield, they are amazed and admit that they often bring their families to our library.  Other friends tell me that they had no idea and I encourage them to step into the Beebe and see what they are missing.

Quite simply, it is time to say thank you to the Beebe Staff for all you do and let you know that your time and talents are appreciated.  As a member of the Friends of the Beebe Library, it is an honor to support you.

Karen King