Posted on: Tuesday, September 12, 2017

LYNNFIELD — A public meeting focusing exclusively on issues related to the berm and noise management improvement at MarketStreet Lynnfield will be held on Thursday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Al Merritt Media and Cultural Center, 600 Market St. 

The meeting is being hosted by the MarketStreet Advisory Committee (MSAC), which was formed last May as an advisory subcommittee to the Board of Selectmen. All are invited to attend and provided their feedback. The entrance to 600 Market St. is located between FuGaKyu and Sweetgreen. The Al Merritt Center is located on the second floor and an elevator is available.

For those unable to attend the meeting, the MSAC invites feedback on these two topics to be shared with the committee via email at by Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The MSAC has identified multiple topics of interest concerning MarketStreet that will be the subject of future meetings at which the public will also be invited to submit feedback. For the purposes of the Sept. 14 meeting, however, MSAC chairwoman Jennifer Bayer told the Villager that the discussion will be limited to the berm and noise management, thus enabling these topics to be discussed in-depth. 

MSAC Vice Chairwoman Paula Parziale added that MSAC’s mission is to establish a means of effective and ongoing communication for Lynnfield residents, town representatives and the two firms that manage MarketStreet Lynnfield: W.S. Development and National Development.

“The result of this communication will lead to better collaboration and a strengthened partnership between all parties involved with MarketStreet Lynnfield,” Parziale believes. “This committee will play a critical role in making sure MarketStreet Lynnfield is a success for the town of Lynnfield now and in the future.”

Comprised of 13 Lynnfield residents who represent each of the town’s four precincts, Parziale said the MSAC has spent the summer getting organized, establishing processes and identifying top matters of interest at MarketStreet.

Among these matters are the berm, which is the vegetated hill created between Walnut Street and MarketStreet as a means of screening the outdoor mall from abutting residences, and noise management improvement. 

Additional areas of interest include traffic improvement, advising on parking, advising on financial impact, updating on the development of Building 1350 (the building with Lahey Health as a tenant), and advising on the potential development of a cinema. Parziale noted there is no cinema proposal from National Development for currently under consideration.

“Subcommittees have been assigned to each matter of interest and have been tasked to educate themselves on stakeholders’ perspectives and report back to MSAC on their findings,” said Parziale. “The committee at large will consider those findings and, when applicable, draft an advisement to be given to the Board of Selectmen.

In addition to other resources, Parziale said, “feedback from Lynnfield residents is paramount to this discovery process.”

“MSAC will designate an agenda item at upcoming meetings to hear feedback on these matters of interest,” Parziale said.

Additional members of the MSAC are Anne Mitchell, Jocelyn Fleming, Wally McKenzie, Sal Yerardi, Taidgh McClory, John Gioiso, Philip Doucette, Anthony Ferullo, Planning Board member Brian Charville, Finance Committee member Gene Covino and Police Chief David Breen. Selectman Dick Dalton is the Board of Selectmen’s liaison to the subcommittee.