20th showcase will be the last one

Published in the March 24, 2017 edition.

MIDDLETON — The 20th and last year of the Boudreau Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, June 19 at the Ferncroft Country Club.

(The following is a statement/letter by Mike Boudreau)

Boudreau Golf Tournament

I wanted to thank all of you that attended and/or sponsored this past year’s golfing event. It ended up being a beautiful day, after a bit of a chilly start, and lunchtime was very emotional and special for all who were able to experience it.

As part of the lunch, we had a speaker from Boston Children’s Hospital in attendance (Kim Wilson), who spoke about the amazing progress surrounding the establishment and roll out of the Michael Boudreau Global Cardiac Education Fund at Children’s. We were all also able to view a beautiful video tribute to Michael that will be part of the curriculum for the series of training videos that will be distributed across the world to assist physicians with both preventing and treating a variety of pediatric cardiac conditions, with the goal of saving countless children’s lives through education. What a wonderful tribute to Michael!

Please see the link to that video below.


When Beth and I lost our son Andrew over 21 years ago, neither of us could have ever imagined that what started out as a goal of raising funds for the purchase of a replacement slide at a local playground would have ultimately led us down the journey of multiple road races, a dinner dance, a Tupperware sale, and of course so many of these golf tournaments that have been held over the years.

Along the way, we have been fortunate enough to be able to do so many great things for children to honor our son Andrew and more recently to also honor our son Michael, who we lost almost six years ago. We have been joined on this hard but special journey by so many wonderful and caring people, who have supported us by participating in and/or contributing to our golf tournament for so many years. It’s hard to believe that we have now completed our 19th year of holding this golf tournament.

Beyond the fundraising efforts that have allowed us to raise well over $300,000, the golf tournaments have also allowed us to both reconnect with people from so many facets of our lives over the years, as well as to allow us to meet and become friends with so many new people that we would not ever have had the honor to meet and call our friends otherwise.  We are so grateful for your support of our cause, but more importantly, for your incredible friendship to me, Beth and our children Sarah, Matt, and Abby.

This year will be the 20th year of the Boudreau Golf Tournament, and after much soul searching over the past couple of years, I have decided that it will be the last one. I personally have so many incredibly wonderful memories of the golf tournament, with so many people coming together in such a positive way to honor Andrew and Michael and to support us. All who have supported us will all always have a very special place in our hearts and there is no way to adequately thank you for all that you have done for us and for so many children in need.

The date for this year’s final golf tournament has now been locked down and will take place on Monday, June 19. For many reasons this will be a very poignant and important tournament and we plan to have many special activities to celebrate this event, including a band playing at the end of the day’s golfing activities and some other very special things that are in the works.

Given that this will be the last year of the Boudreau Golf Tournament, we expect this to be a very popular event, so you are highly encouraged to sign up for either (or both!) sessions as soon as possible, as the expectation is that it will fill up very quickly. Please feel to reach out to me by either emailing me at michaelboudreau3@gmail.com or by calling or texting me at 781-254-1064, if you would like me to send you a flyer for the tournament, which you can use to sign up to play and/or sponsor the event. Silent auction and raffle prizes are also greatly appreciated.

On behalf of Beth, Sarah, Matt, Abby, and me, our sincere thanks to all of you again for your support and friendship. We look forward to seeing many of you on June 19 at the Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton, MA!

Mike Boudreau