Published in the January 18, 2019 edition.

WAKEFIELD — Time to identify yourself.

The census forms have arrived at the 12,021 households in town. If you did not receive a census form, it can be downloaded from the Town Clerk’s website under the “applications and forms” link. These forms will be accepted provided that they are signed.

Instructions for completing the census form are located on the reverse side of the census form.

Please be aware that the census form cannot be used to register to vote nor can the census form be used to change party affiliation(s). Registering to vote or changing party affiliation must be done either in person by coming to the office of the Town Clerk or online at the Secretary of State’s website. That site is

If a voter chooses to be deleted because she/he has relocated, the voter has three (3) options:

The census form can be returned to the Office of the Town Clerk with the new address.The second option is to e-mail the census form, with the new address, signed, to [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] third option is to write a letter, stating the request, listing the new address and mailing it to the Office of the Town Clerk, 1 Lafayette Street, Wakefield, MA 01880.Please feel free to contact the Office of the Town Clerk with any questions at 781-246-6383.

Residents are urged to return a completed census form as soon as possible.

Failure to return the census for two (2) consecutive years results in the voter(s) to be labeled “Inactive” by the State.