Published in the January 23, 2020 edition.


WAKEFIELD — The Zoning Board of Appeals appeared ready to issue a decision last night on Anthony Arcari’s application for Special Permits and site plan approval to construct a 16-unit mid-rise apartment building at 259 Water St., but ultimately decided to hold off until its next meeting on Feb. 12 so that a few last-minute changes could be incorporated into the final plans.

Attorney Brian McGrail and Arcari were on hand for last night’s meeting along with Peter Sandorse of Phoenix Architects and and John Ogren of Hayes Engineering.

Sandorse talked about some 4-foot high cedar screening on the proposed building that would hide hide the rooftop HVAC units. ZBA member Jim McBail wanted to see a product cutout of the proposed screening. 

Sandorse also reviewed changes to the exterior lighting plan. Board members said that would prefer 12-foot light poles in the parking lot rather than the proposed 16-foot poles. Sandorse said that adequate lighting could be achieved using 12-foot poles.

Ogren showed the type and style of a proposed fence atop a wall in back of the building.

The board and McGrail discussed draft of conditions for the project and eliminated a number of conditions that were deemed to be already covered by existing regulations.

The board agreed to continue the hearing until Feb. 12 at which time a vote is anticipated on the final updated plans.


Building Inspector Jack Roberto will issue a Certificate of Occupancy for recently renovated 37 Water St. property, even though some of the requirements of the ZBA decision, such as landscaping and paving have not yet been completed due to seasonal conditions. The 37 Water St. property is being upgraded in conjunction with 27 Water St.

The two properties once comprised the L.B. Evans shoe factory but have long been used as office space. Owner Frank Pasciuto had been converting the buildings into mixed-use residential and retail, with light industrial in the rear.

Attorney Michael McCarthy, representing Pasciuto, offered to post a bond for the remaining sidewalk, stonework, paving and planting that have been delayed due to seasonal conditions. But Roberto and the board felt that a bond was not necessary as the town still had the leverage of withholding the occupancy permit for 27 Water St. if the remaining work related to 37 Water St. was not completed.

Pasciuto said that he expects to be seeking an occupancy permit for 27 Water Street in the next few months.  

Pasciuto was also seeking a minor modification to reflect that a 6-inch pipe for the sewer service will be used rather than the originally proposed 8-inch pipe at 37 Water St. In addition, the plan is to go with the existing 2-inch water service. A larger water pipe had been proposed when a restaurant was part of the plans.

The board said that an engineer’s drawing attached to the original plans would be adequate to reflect those changes.


Representing the new owners of the Mobil gas station/convenience store at 950 Main St. in Greenwood, McGrail presented some minor changes to the plans to reconfigure the pumps, replace the gas tanks and generally spruce up the property.

The upgraded plans reflect that granite curbing will be used on the site as well as revisions to the proposed landscaping and signage.

After some discussion, the hearing was continued to Feb. 12.


The ZBA confirmed the legality of 4 Wakefield Ave. as a six-family residence. The board continued the hearing on new owner Ed Kirby’s application related to certain exterior and interior improvements to the property.


The board heard a pre-application presentation on developer Brian Melanson’s plans for 62-67 Foundry St. (former site of Crystal Lumber). The board was generally receptive to the idea of a mixed-use development with 58 residential units, a restaurant and retail space. A formal application has not yet been filed.