Published in the June 13, 2016 edition.


WAKEFIELD — After running into some unexpected delays with a scheduled renovation of the Greenwood Fire Station, Fire Chief Michael Sullivan expects to have the facility to back in service by July 1.

Greenwood crews have been operating out of fire headquarters on Crescent Street since the work began on May 23.

Sullivan said that the project involved the replacement of asbestos tile floors, which was part of this year’s capital improvement plan. The project also included making the dormitory area co-ed since the department now has female firefighters. In addition there was major renovation to the bathroom. Sullivan said that the project hit a snag after workers had to work around the well-built structure’s steel re-enforced concrete floors to get at the bathroom plumbing. But he said that the obstacle has been overcome and work is back on schedule.

Sullivan said that suggestions that a temporary trailer be set up in the Greenwood Fire Station driveway or in one of the church parking lots to keep a fire crew in Greenwood during construction would not have been workable as it would have required running fire alarm lines and phone lines among other issues.

Sullivan admitted that it does take a minute or two longer to get to Greenwood from the main Fire Station, but noted that crews can be dispatched immediately and there are no communications issues.

Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio said that the work will benefit the Greenwood area in the long term.

“We’re trying to improve the working conditions for our firefighters,” Maio said, noting that there were air quality issues that impacted safety. He added that the Greenwood station “hasn’t been touched since the early 1960’s.”

He said that the work was being done to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Greenwood Fire Station for years to come.

In the meantime, the Fire Department continues to run with a full complement of firefighters and engines.

“We’re making the best of it,” Sullivan said.