CONTRACTORS from Board-Up Kingz started securing the 170 Moulton Dr. home an hour after the Select Board ordered the home to be boarded up on Dec. 23. (Dan Tomasello Photo)



LYNNFIELD — The Select Board unanimously voted during an emergency meeting on Dec. 23 to secure the Moulton Drive home where a massive party took place earlier this month.

Town Administrator Rob Dolan explained that Lynnfield Police responded to 170 Moulton Dr. at 11:15 p.m. on Dec. 17 after receiving a report of a large party involving underage drinking. Edward Raymond Allen, 24, of 170 Moulton Dr., was arrested for kidnapping, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, keeping a noisy and disorderly house, providing liquor to people under 21-years-old and disturbing the peace. Allen’s kidnapping charge did not involve an abduction and was the result of some people not being allowed to leave the party once inside.

Police Chief Nick Secatore informed the Villager on Monday that Allen is currently being held at the Middleton House of Correction and will not be released from jail until he can meet certain conditions established by Peabody District Court.

Dolan told the Select Board that the town was dealing with a “very serious situation at 170 Moulton Dr.” He said the Dec. 17 party featured “a tremendous amount of illegal activity.”

Dolan also recalled that Allen did not want to open the door for police while youths reportedly fled the home after escaping from the back of the house.

“The back of the building is open, which allows people to access the property,” said Dolan.

Dolan said the SWAT team from the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council set up a staging area at 600 Salem St. because someone from inside the house told police not to come in because they had a gun.

Town Counsel Tom Mullen said Massachusetts General Law Chapter 143’s Section 6 gives Building Inspector Joe O’Callaghan the right to inspect the property since the back of the building was wide open. He also noted that Chapter 143’s Section 7 gives the Select Board the right to authorize O’Callaghan to “immediately secure the building.”

Dolan said local officials “tried desperately” to get in contact with the Georgia-based bank that owns the 170 Moulton Dr. home, but were unable to before the emergency meeting.

After examining the property, Dolan said he along with Secatore, O’Callaghan and Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director Glenn Davis determined the 170 Moulton Dr. home “represents a significant risk to public safety and the neighborhood.”

“My recommendation along with the two chiefs is to declare the building unsafe and have it boarded up until further notice,” said Dolan.

Select Board member Phil Crawford said it was important to have the 170 Moulton Dr. home secured as fast as possible.

“I think we should act on it immediately,” said Crawford.

Select Board member Joe Connell inquired if Allen will be able to access the home after it is boarded up.

“He will not have access because we are going to padlock the building,” said Dolan.

“Fantastic,” said Connell. “Good news.”

After the discussion, the Select Board authorized O’Callaghan to enter the property with contractors in order to make the 170 Moulton Dr. home “safe and secure.” O’Callaghan and contractors from Board-Up Kingz arrived at the home an hour after the six-minute meeting occurred.

Dolan informed the Villager after the meeting that, “The actions that took place in that home were a threat to the community.”

“To put it bluntly, the only things in that house when we entered on Dec. 23 were two abandoned dogs and a stripper pole in the middle of the room,” said Dolan. “There were dog feces throughout the home. The charges brought against the individual and the lack of any furniture in the home proved that this house was solely used for illegal parties. I am happy to say the dogs were rescued and are safe and cared for.”

During the Dec. 17 party, at least eight vehicles — registered to people living in communities as far away as Marshfield — were towed from the area for infractions such as blocking fire hydrants and impeding access and general traffic. A Locksley Road resident reported several times that youths were cutting through his yard.

Police have been to the 170 Moulton Dr. home several times in recent months.