SUMMER STREET FOURTH-GRADERS, from left, Alexander Maliawco, Ben Choi and Caiden Beebe had a blast while participating in the Speed Cube Newcomers Competition held at Smith College in Northampton recently. (Courtesy Photo)

LYNNFIELD — Summer Street School fourth-graders Caiden Beebe, Ben Choi and Alexander Maliawco recently attended a Speed Cube Newcomers Competition held at Smith College in Northampton for the first time.

What started out as a fidget toy, the Rubik’s Cube has quickly turned into a fun hobby for the three friends. It was only natural that the next step was the challenge of not only solving the cube, but how fast they can do it. For Caiden, Ben and Alexander, this became a fun, addictive and rewarding challenge.

Inspired by several role models around the world and the infamous Max Park, who holds the world record three-by-three solve in three seconds, Caiden, Ben and Alexander decided to participate in the Speed Cube Newcomers Competition.

Caiden, Ben and Alexander proudly competed in the three-by-three and Pyramix events.  Caiden’s best time was 29.28 seconds for the three-by-three and 12.69 seconds for the Pyramix. Ben’s best time was 25.88 for the three-by-three and 11.38 for the Pyramix. Alexander’s best time was 25.20 for the three-by-three and 9.87 for the Pyramix.

While the three friends did not place in the top three brackets during the competition, Caiden, Ben and Alexander each received a Newcomer Award Certificate. The three friends thought the competition was a memorable fun experience, and enjoyed their introduction and the opportunity to engage with speed cubing community.

Rubic’s Cubes have become a very popular trend and are all the rage, especially in the schools. Caiden, Ben and Alexander are looking forward to their next competition in Stoughton and Providence, Rhode Island later this year. Several Lynnfield friends will be joining them during the competitions.