Published in the October 26, 2017 edition

THE “CROWN JEWEL” of the campus of the new middle/high school was renamed the Dr. David S. Troughton Distance Learning Lab last week in honor of the retired school superintendent. Dr. Troughton and his wife Judy (at right) were joined at the ceremony by their son and daughter-in-law, Greg and Leigh Troughton. (Geoff Simons Photo)


NORTH READING — A beautiful plaque was revealed naming the North Reading High School Distance Learning Lab in honor of former North Reading School Superintendent Dr. David S. Troughton October 17.

A large crowd attended the reception and ceremony. Guests included Troughton’s family, current town and school officials, present and former North Reading High School teachers, and even a former student from his teaching days in Lynnfield. The event also featured a celebratory performance by “NOTEtorious,” the school’s a cappella performance group.

Speakers were current school Superintendent Jon Bernard, School Committee Chairman Mel Webster and Vice Chairman Gerald Venezia. All three men noted Troughton’s determination to see a combined middle/high school facility become a reality. In his comments, Bernard said, “Dr. Troughton’s commitment to education led to the realization of this beautiful middle/high school.”

Bernard added, “The Distance Learning Lab, which is being named in your honor, David…would not have been possible without your vision.” 

According to remarks made by School Committee Chairman Mel Webster, Troughton was steadfast in his belief that a combined middle school/high school campus was the way to go.

In addition to the combined campus, Troughton championed block scheduling at the high school as well as full day kindergarten and expansion of the integrated preschool, and expanded use of technology for teaching and learning. Webster went on to say, “He left before we put a shovel in the ground, but his ideas are all over this place.”

Venezia reminded the gathering that Dr. Troughton was at the helm of the school department during the renovations of not just one but all three elementary schools, and in particular the transformation of the “Batch.” In closing Venezia said, “Without his vision this building would not be here. I tell you that without reservation.”

The Distance Learning Lab serves to connect North Reading students to their peers across the country and the world.

As Troughton took to the podium he offered many thanks for those who had made the new school a reality leading to this recognition. First and foremost he thanked the North Reading community, the School Committee, both past and present, the members of the Secondary School Building Committee (SSBC), and the school staffs. He singled out SSBC member Chuck Carucci for a personal thank you for his dedication to this project.

Troughton expressed his gratitude for having the beautifully designed facility dedicated in his honor. He compared the large window at the back of the room to being a window on the world. “…Learning and education, it’s a window; it’s an opportunity to continue to expand and move beyond,” he said.

He concluded by saying, “I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.”

Troughton was the superintendent of the North Reading schools for 15 years beginning in 1994 until his retirement in 2009.