Published in the June 21, 2018 edition

NORTH READING — The 214 graduates of North Reading High School’s largest class in recent memory has announced their future plans.  A total of 199 students, or 92%, has chosen to continue their educations at two-year or four-year colleges and universities while three have enlisted in the armed forces, three will attend professional schools, one is pursuing an internship and eight have entered the work force. 

Adams, Colin Frederick – Northeastern University    

Allan, Brett Christian – University of San Diego

Alter, Madelyn Rose – Keene State College

Altvater, Eva – Goucher College

Ancri, Jacob Michael – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Aran, Noah Edward – United States Military Academy at West Point – Army

Arena, Nicholas Paul – Framingham State University

Arington, Colleen Ann – Colby-Sawyer College

Arnold, Christopher – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Audier, Gillian Violet – SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Bage-Hoff, Ashley Morgan – Southern New Hampshire University

Barrett, Sheila Marie – Boston College

Barrette, Samuel John – University of Colorado at Boulder

Barrows, Jenna Marie – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Bautista-Foti, Antonio – Illinois College

Beane, Lionel Kenneth – Northeastern University

Bedell, Jake Philip – Phillips Academy Andover

Bedell, Joshua Jonathan – Employment

Boucher, Colin James – Curry College

Bowers, Emma Virginia – Bard College

Bradley, Kirsten Danielle – College of Charleston

Branconnier, Ian Gabriel – Merrimack College

Bridges, Nicholas Michael – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Brogan, Chantelle Kelsey – Middlesex Community College

Brooks, Jillian Taylor – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Brown, Kevin Martin – Stonehill College

Brown, Michael James – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Brunner, Riley Angela – Ithaca College

Burke, Barbara Gillian – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Burke, Morgan Elizabeth – University of Connecticut

Burnett, Alexandria Shay – Gordon College

Buscemi, Anna Nicole – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Bustin, Sarah Emily O’Donnell – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Bythrow, Kyle Robert – Springfield College

Campagna, Tia Marie – Northeastern University

Capone, Giavanna Deanna – Endicott College

Carlson, Rudy Frederick – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Carpenter, Nicholas Philip – Northeastern University

Casciano, Sophia Marie – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Catino, Nicholas – Roger Williams University

Chen, Iris – Emmanuel College

Cohen, Amanda Renee – Palm Beach Atlantic University

Colella, Alexandra Lea – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Colorusso, Richard Neil – Wentworth Institute of Technology

Comeau, Lauren Olivia – Suffolk University

Conley, Kyle Girard – West Virginia University

Conley, Rachel Nicole – Worcester State University

Costa, Nico Daniel – Middlesex Community College

Costantino, Alyssa Katherine – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Costantino, Joseph Giovanni – Employment

Costantino, Julia Rose – The University of Tampa

Cotter, Dennis Patrick – University of Maine

Crotty, Andrew Francis – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Cullen, Tyler Christopher – Assumption College

D’Orlando, Abigail Grace – Fitchburg State University

Danis, Justin Martin – University of Maine

DeAngelo, Jackson Thomas – Bridgton Academy

DeBenedetto, Matthew Joseph – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

DeCleene, Owen Nathaniel – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

DeGregorio, Alec Richard – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Desiderio Jr, Joseph Camillo – Quinsigamond Community College

Desiderio, Vincenzo Camillo – Employment

Diamond, Haley Michele – Employment

DiChiara, Katelyn Marie – Salem State University

DiPietro, Andrew Carl – Stonehill College

Diplatzi, Justin Michael – Wentworth Institute of Technology

Doucette, Jake Edward – Boston College

Dovale, Matheus Barreto – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Driver, Tara Alexa – Niagara University

Edison, Ryan Michael – Plymouth State University

Elliott, Georgie Ana – Salem State University

Esposito, Olivia Anne – Saint Joseph’s College-ME

Exum, Grace Michael – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Farrelly, Kevin John – Bridgewater State University

Ferraguto, Bianca Elise – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Fitzgerald, Jack Austin – Providence College

Flagg, Colin Winslow – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Flett, Jennifer Kayleigh – Lesley University

Forcellese, Jenna Theresa – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Fortin, Veronika Casey – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Foster, Rachel Elizabeth – Northeastern University

Frammartino, Felicia Marie – Worcester State University

Freedman, Matthew Kenneth – Ithaca College

Galuppo, Alexa Natalie – Tufts Univ.

Galvin, Caitlyn Nicole – Boston College

Giacalone, Isabella – Marist College

Gibbs, Deandrea Davena – Salem State University

Gonzales, Jared Tayag – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Gould, Randal Thomas – North Reading Transition Academy

Gover, Connor John – North Shore Community College

Grasso, Victoria Yvonne – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Griffin, Meghan Palmer – University of Notre Dame

Griffin, Meredith Cronan – Colby College

Griffin, Molly Xiu – Marist College

Gulbicki, Lauren Rose – St. Lawrence University

Hastings, Allison Ellen – Endicott College

Haynes, Molly Michele – Stonehill College

Heffernan, Amy Christine – Stonehill College

Hennessey, Courtney Bridget – Bridgewater State University

Hennessey, Taylor Kathryn – Nichols College

Hill, Rachel Hayes – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Hong, Justin Luu – Northeastern University

Hudson, David Luke – Bridgewater State University

Imbriano, Amanda Idiana – Providence College

Indelicato, Jake Anthony – U.S. Navy

Ines, Laura Elizabeth – North Shore Community College

Intravaia, Jake Matthew – Framingham State University

Iriana, Makenzie May – New England Hair Academy

Jaroncyk, Matthew Ryan – Quinnipiac University

Jones, Anna Caroline – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Kaithamattam, Jerlin Jose – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kane, Rachel Maureen – Emmanuel College

Kavanaugh, Kasey Marie – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Kennedy, Zoe Helen – University of Vermont

Kirby, Allyson Rae – The Catholic University of America

Kor, Ashley Dorothy Anne – North Shore Community College

Lally, Morgan Rose – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Landers, Megan Haley – Boston College

Lauziere, Mark Joseph – Employment

Lee, Tyler Ton – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Lehane, Ashley Ann – Quinnipiac University

Leighton, Abigail Milliena – Endicott College

Lento, Danielle Rose – Suffolk University

Lonsdale, Katie Lauren – Clemson University

Luciano, Michael Anthony – College of the Holy Cross

Luker, Courtney Rose – Fitchburg State University

MacAdams, Juliana Marie – The University of Tampa

MacInnis, Christopher James – University of Massachusetts, Boston

Maxwell, Owen Timothy – Wentworth Institute of Technology

McCarthy, Margaret Rose – University of Maine

Mccollim, Abriana Marie – Salem State University

McCullough, Jillian Grace – Stonehill College

McDonough, Bridget Kathleen – Dean College

McGowan, Ian Richardson – Loyola Marymount University

McKinney, Colin Baldwin – Roger Williams University

Mejia, Isabella Rose – Clemson University

Mirasolo, Cassandra Marie – Providence College

Moline, Abigail Kathleen – Gordon College

Moore, Taylor Patricia – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Moreton, Lucas John – North Shore Community College

Moscrip, Jack – Middlesex Community College

Murphy, Brian Wheelock – Elon University

Murphy, Garrett John – Internship

Murphy, Kevin Joseph – Bentley University

Murphy, Maxwell Wheelock – Bentley University

Murphy, Mckayla Eileen – Syracuse University

Murphy, Samantha Adeline – Colorado State University

Mutti, Matthew John – Employment

Nadeau, Juliette Jane – Colby College

Narouz, Gina Massoud Anwar – Middlesex Community College

Nasta, Anthony Sergio – Merrimack College

Nearing, Emily Ann – Boston College

Noureddine, Had Mohsen – Merrimack College

Noyes, Samantha Marie – The University of Alabama

O’Donnell, Margaret Jeanne – Pace University, New York City

Ourdyl, Tarik – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Paglucca, Danielle Marie – Southern New Hampshire University

Paine, Abigail Elizabeth – Chapman University

Paone, Sofia Anna – University of Rhode Island

Patch, Thomas Patrick – Worcester State University

Peach, Timothy Robert – Boston College

Peppe, Guiliana Pisapia – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Perkins, Caitlin Elizabeth – Merrimack College

Piscatelli, Juliana Marie – University of San Diego

Piscatelli, Nicholas Robert – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Powell, Nicholas James – Bryant University

Prusik, Kayla May – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Puglia, Courtney Mary – Framingham State University

Quaglieri, Ryan Joseph – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Rameriz, Joshua Antonio – Universal Technical Institute

Randazzo, Christian Michael – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Raso, Aldine Elaine – Marist College

Regan, Samuel John – University of Maine

Reilly, Derek Jared – Endicott College

Riesenberg, Burke Donald – University of South Carolina

Riley, Noel Charles – Merrimack College

Robertson, Cheyenne Rose – Employment

Robertson, Stone McQueen – U.S. Marine Corps

Roesch, Emily Catherine – Miami University, Oxford

Sabbia, Marisa Michele – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Sampson, Paige Alexandra – Framingham State University

Sanger, Timothy Joseph – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Santoro, Jonathan Ignazio – Saint Joseph’s College-ME

Sawyer, Gregory – Merrimack College

Scanlon, Patrick Thomas – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Scribner, Xavier William – University of South Carolina

Shang, Wuyue – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Shea, Anthony Joseph – Four-year College

Siciliano, Mason Philip – Wentworth Institute of Technology

Simblaris, Christina Marie – University of Maryland, College Park

Smith, Caden Paul – Suffolk University

Spellenberg, Haley Ford – Saint Michael’s College

Spellenberg, Kayla Ford – Berklee College of Music

Sprinkle, Mary – North Greenville University

Stantcheva, Monika Sasheva – Boston College

Stead, Lauren Patrice – North Shore Community College

Sturdevant, Samantha Leslie – Employment

Sweeney, Daniel William – Nichols College

Syer, Adam Jacob – Texas A&M University

Tannian, Liam Michael – Northern Essex Community College

Tatone, Julia Rose – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Thibedeau, Jordan Elise – Make-up Designory

Thorstad, Isabel Anna – American University

Tidd, Mason Richard – Merrimack College

Tully, Eric James – Champlain College

Ventullo, Seren Nichole – University of San Diego

Vesey, Karlie Ann – University of New Hampshire at Durham

Vittozzi, Marco Elio – Salem State University

Wallace, Joseph James – Curry College

Wallner, Alex Davis – Elon University

Warren, Emilie Camille – Mount Holyoke College

Wiberg, Hugo William – Suffolk Univ.Wildman, Christopher John – Merrimack College

Wilk, Aleksa Rose – Middlesex Community College.

Adams Scholarships

A total of 60 students from the Class of 2018 also earned Adams Scholarships. The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is a merit-based program that provides a tuition waiver for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university. Merit is based on student scores on the 10th grade Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test.

Recipients of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship are eligible for an award of a non-need-based tuition waiver for state-supported undergraduate courses. Students are also required to maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 for continued eligibility.

The NRHS Adams Scholarship winners were Colin Adams, Jacob Ancri, Noah Aran, Christopher Arnold, Gillian Audier, Samuel Barrette, Lionel Beane, Emma Bowers, Michael Brown, Riley Brunner, Anna Buscemi, Sarah Bustin, Tia Campagna, Rudy Carlson, Nicholas Carpenter, Sophia Casciano, Lauren Comeau, Owen DeCleene, Andrew DiPietro, Jake Doucette, Rachel Foster, Matthew Freedman. Alexa Galuppo, Caitlyn Galvin, Deandrea Gibbs, Jared Gonzales, Victoria Grasso, Meredith Griffin and Lauren Gulbicki.

As well as, Allison Hastings, Molly Haynes, Rachel Hill, Justin Hong, Anna Jones, Jerlin Kaithamattam, Zoe Kennedy, Allyson Kirby, Megan Landers, Katie Lonsdale, Michael Luciano, Jillian McCullough, Ian McGowan, Isabella Mejia, Cassandra Mirasolo, Abigail Moline, Kevin Murphy, Emily Nearing, Timothy Peach, Nicholas Piscatelli, Ryan Quaglieri, Christian Randazzo, Noel Riley, Wuyue (Michelle) Shang, Haley Spellenberg, Monika Stantcheva, Adam Syer, Julia Tatone, Isabel Thorstad, Seren Ventullo and Emilie Warren.