Published in the September 16, 2016 edition

MELROSE — The city’s schools have 68 more students than they did at this time last year.

According to statistics put together by school administrators, 3,824 students were enrolled in Melrose public schools as of September 7.

Enrollment will continue to fluctuate somewhat during the month of September. It is not unusual to have late registrations and withdrawals.

The student body on October 1 is the official enrollment count for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the basis for our Chapter 70 funding.

There were 252 students in the Hoover School as of September 7: 46 kindergarteners in two classes; 40 first graders; 41 second graders; 42 third graders; 45 fourth graders and 38 fifth graders.

There are 266 students at the Horace Mann School (47 in kindergarten, 45 in first grade, 46 in second grade, 41 in third grade, 48 in fourth grade and 39 in fifth grade).

There are 433 students at the Lincoln School (81 in four kindergarten classes, 89 in four first grade classes, 69 in second grade, 66 in third grade,  62 in fourth grade and 66 in fifth grade).

At the Roosevelt School, there are 436 students: 83 in four kindergarten classes, 86 in four first grade classes, 70 in the second grade, 68 in the third grade, 66 in the fourth grade and 63 in the fifth grade.

At the Winthrop School, there are 63 kindergarteners, 66 first graders, 63 second graders, 62 third graders, 58 fourth graders and 61 fifth graders.

The total grade school breakdown looks like this: kindergarten: 320; first grade: 326; second grade: 289; third grade: 279; fourth grade: 279, and fifth grade: 267.

At the Veterans Memorial Middle School, 260 students are in grade six; 262 are in grade seven and 270 are in grade 8.

At Melrose High, there are 992 students, with the biggest class being the 258 sophomores followed by the 254 freshmen, 242 seniors and 233 juniors. There are five post graduate students.

At the Franklin Early Childhood Center (not included in the total), there are 290 students enrolled as of September 7.