LAST FRIDAY MORNING this group of Walton teachers participated in a “stand out” while contract negotiations continue. (Stephanie Alpert Photo)

Published in the January 6, 2020 edition.

The following statement was sent by Superintendent of Schools Douglas Lyons and Wakefield School Committee Chair Christopher Callanan on Friday afternoon, Jan. 3

As many of you observed or heard this morning, The Wakefield Education Association is leading our teachers in “standing out” in front of the schools to raise awareness that the teachers’ contract is still being negotiated or is “unsettled.” The School Committee, administration and the WEA negotiating teams began this process in January of 2019 and are committed to continuing this work moving forward.

While negotiations are stressful for all parties, it needs to be communicated that the Wakefield School Committee and the administration have the utmost respect and appreciation for our teachers and their ability to use their first amendment rights to “stand out” to build community awareness. The hard work, dedication and caring for our students and families that is demonstrated every day in the classroom does not go unnoticed by all parties. Please note that until the contract is settled, we will continue to use the former contract that was in place to guide our work.

Negotiations are progressing steadily and each group is actively working to prioritize the most critical proposals, which will lead to a thoughtful, sustainable contract. Contract negotiations are closed to the open meeting process and the specific information discussed in contract negotiations is not public. As we progress, we will keep the community informed about next steps. The goal on both sides is to move this process forward as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Doug Lyons,

Superintendent of Schools

Chris Callanan, 

School Committee Chairman