Published in the January 20, 2016 editionsnowshoveler_web

WAKEFIELD — Calling all snow shovelers: Some of your neighbors may just need you.
As local weather forecasts call for the potential of over a foot of snow this weekend, some residents have been calling asking for names of those willing to shovel them out. We only have one name so far — Jared Hurley, a 16-year-old available to shovel in the Cedar/Chestnut/Gould/Albion streets area. His daytime phone is 617-957-9602.
Not everyone is ready to battle another winter of every-other-day blizzards and extended periods of frigid temperatures. Last year around this time barely a snowflake had fallen. And we all know what happened pretty soon after that.
As a result, the Daily Item again will offer a service designed to pair those who need their properties shoveled with young entrepreneurs who want to make some money shoveling.
If you want your son or daughter to be added to our list of snow shovelers, send an e-mail to the Daily Item at On the subject line write “snow shoveling.” Include a daytime phone number where you can be contacted, the age of the shovelers and the neighborhood where your children are willing to work.
The paper will list the shoveler’s name, contact information and ares they can shovel.
The paper provides this service, which is most often used by senior citizens or those unable to dig themselves out for one reason or another.
One thing we will not do is help anyone determine how much a shoveler should be paid. That’s between the customer and the young private contractor.
Snow shoveling for money used to be a way many youths spent the aftermath of a winter’s storm. It provides exercise and generates some cash.
We certainly are not wishing for major snowstorms. But odds are we will get at least one before the leaves come back on the trees.