WAKEFIELD — Mehreen Butt and Jonathan Chines will steer the Town Council for the next year after they were voted in as chair and vice chair respectively at last night’s meeting.

The Town Council traditionally re-organizes and chooses new leadership at the first meeting following the Annual Town Election.

Outgoing Chair Julie Smith-Galvin called for nominations for the position of chair.

Town Councilor Anne Danehy nominated Butt, calling her “a great leader” and a “creative thinker.” Councilor Jonathan Chines seconded the nomination.

Discussing the motion, Councilor Edward Dombroski observed that he and Butt are now the senior members on the board, having both served five years.

When Smith-Galvin called for the vote, it was unanimous in favor of Butt, who then switched seats with Galvin and assumed her new role as chair.

Butt then called for nominations for vice chair.

Smith-Galvin nominated Chines, noting that he had just been re-elected and had shown in his first term the “he has the best interests of the community at heart.”

The vote to elect Chines as vice chair was also 7-0.

Commenting on her new role as chair, Butt said that she looked forward to working with all members of the board on their priorities and anticipated a collaborative and productive year.