Published in the June 29, 2018 edition.


WAKEFIELD — New School Superintendent Douglas Lyons will earn $171,000 in his first year as leader of the Wakefield Public Schools.

The School Committee made it official when they signed the contract with Lyons at their meeting this week. The School Committee voted on contract terms on May 8, but attorneys for Lyons and the School Committee have been finalizing the language within the agreed to contract parameters.

The five-year contract runs through June 30, 2023.

Lyons will take over from Dr. Kim Smith who is retiring effective June 30. He was chosen by the School Committee as the new Superintendent on April 17 from among three finalists for the position.

According to the contract, Lyons cost-of-living salary increases will be capped at 2.5 percent annually and shall not exceed the average combined increase negotiated in the Unit A contract of the Wakefield Education Association. If Lyons receives the full 2.5 percent annual increase, his salary each year will be as follows: FY 2020, $175,275; FY 2021, $179,657; FY 2022, $184,148; and FY 2023, $188,752.

As superintendent, Lyons will be responsible for administering curriculum and instruction and will decide all matters related to selection, appointment, assignment, transfer, promotion or termination of School Department personnel, except where state law assigns specific hiring authority to the School Committee.

Lyons will officially become Superintendent on July 1. He has served as Assistant Superintendent in Wakefield since 2015.

Prior to that, he was principal of the Walter S. Parker Middle School in Reading.

He is currently a doctoral candidate at Northeastern University.