Advocates lead by seven


WAKEFIELD — In the 10th week of the Knights of Columbus bowling league’s second half season, the scores were lower but Mike Maloney topped the pack with a 320.

Maloney had strings of 112-99-109 to move his Lecturers into second place as they shut out the Guards, 8-0.

The Guards dropped to third place and they were led by Bill DeRoche Jr.

Bob Curran’s 317 and Steve Addonizio’s 306 helped the Recorders escape from the cellar as they whitewashed the first place Advocates, 8-0. Brian Brickley’s 310 was high for the Advocates which saw their lead shrink to seven points.

Roy Butt’s 296 and Shaun Gean’s 295 was enough to give the Wardens a 6-2 win over the shorthanded Chancellors. Ian Power had a 298 for the Chancellors.



Team     Won     Lost

ADVOCATES     51     29

LECTURERS     44     36

GUARDS     40     40

RECORDERS     36     44

WARDENS     36     44

CHANCELLORS     33     47


Ian Power     110.5

Dave Curran     110.2

Brian Brickley     106.6

Shaun Gean     103.9

Bill DeRoche Jr.     100.9


300 CLUB

Mike Maloney     320

Bob Curran     317

Brian Brickley     310

Steve Addonizio     306