BOSTON — Wakefield will once again be well-represented at the 128th Boston Marathon today. According to the Boston Athletic Association’s official entry list, there are 26 Wakefield residents running the marathon today. 

Check in later this week for official times of each Wakefield resident. 

Below is a list in alphabetical order of all the Wakefield residents running the 128th Boston Marathon:

AP photo for Wakefield runners 2024

THE 128th Boston Marathon started in Hopkinton this morning. There are 26 Wakefield residents competing in the marathon this year.
(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

Olivia Cameron, 23

Shawn Carlson, 25

James Demartino, 39

Bridget Donovan, 28

Bethanie Dudley, 26

Nicole Fischetti, 28

Matthew Foley, 33

Samantha Gasbarro, 35

Jordyn Granara, 25

Madison Guay, 25

Haley Leishman, 27

Heather Livingston, 29

Thomas Lucey, 24

Matthew Lyons, 45

Olivia McCarthy, 30

Debbie Newmark, 27

Aaron Pelletier, 32

Michaela Perrotta, 25

Helen Quach, 39

Tania Roberts, 33

Amy Rotger, 29

Dario Russo, 21

Derek Russo, 49

Valerie Smith, 59

Gordon Stilwell, 31

Eleanor Whalen, 55