Published May 8, 2019


WAKEFIELD — While Wakefield has proven their offense to be strong so far this season, Monday’s home game against Arlington was a defensive game through and through.

The Warriors started off strong in the first with senior shortstop Julia DiFazio making the play for the first two outs of the game, including a tag out at second to stop a steal. Catcher Claire Curry made the throw down look all too easy, hitting DiFazio’s glove perfectly on a throw from home plate. Junior Sophia Gosselin-Smoske caught a fly ball in left field to end Arlington’s first ups.

The Arlington Spy Ponders were on their toes in the field as well, getting three consecutive outs in the first inning.

ALEXIS COMEAU and the Warrior infielders continue to play sound defense. (Donna Larsson Photo)

The Warriors continued the shutout in the second, including two strikeouts from junior pitcher Kayleigh Callanan, who was making the Arlington batters swing for strikes all afternoon. However, the pattern did not repeat itself as the Warriors brought home a run in the bottom of the second inning thanks to a bomb hit by Curry to deep left field. The Arlington outfielders were left scrambling to chase it down while senior Juliette Guanci crossed home plate.

As both teams settled in, more hits were recorded, but none resulting in a score change until the fourth inning. The away team was batting with two outs against them, when the next player at bat sent a ball to right center, succeeding in splitting Wakefield’s outfield defense. That hit resulted in an RBI triple, tying the game at 1-1. The Warriors found the last out with a foul pop caught by Guanci to end the fourth.

SOPHIA GOSSELIN-SMOSKE continues to have a strong season at the plate. The junior captain hit a triple in the 6th inning and later scored Wakefield’s second run against Arlington on Monday. (Donna Larsson Photo)

Circumstances became unfortunate for the home team in the fifth as the Spy Ponders broke open the stalemate, scoring five runs in one inning. However, head coach Chris Tolios did not attribute the runs against the team to his player’s fault.

“In a game like that when it’s nothing-nothing, every run counts. And I think that broke momentum, broke it open for them, gave them confidence and kind of put us down. Because you realize in the fifth inning of a game like that, that one or two runs are probably going to win it.”

Wakefield saw a spark of offensive retaliation in the sixth inning with a rocket off Gosselin-Smoske’s bat that landed in deep right centerfield. The junior captain took the chance and headed for third as the outfielder threw the ball to their cut off. Fortunately for the Warriors, Gosselin-Smoske’s fast feet and extensive game experience got her to third just before the ball, as she slid just out of reach of the third baseman’s mitt. She was brought home moments later by the heavy hitting freshman Allida Kelliher who placed a ball in the empty short centerfield area. Unfortunately, the rally ended there for the Wakefield Warriors.

Besides one more run in the seventh, the Warriors controlled the Arlington offense for the rest of the game displaying a solid, communicating infield and reliable outfield. The innings were quick and the fielding efficient.

This made for a frustrating 7-2 loss for Wakefield, but the girls once again proved that they “can compete with the large teams” as Coach Tolios emphasizes often.

“It doesn’t matter who we play,” Tolios said confidently. “We’ve got a good team here.”

The Wakefield High School softball team will travel to Woburn today, looking to rebound and collect a win.