THE MELROSE High boy’s tennis team swept Watertown 5-0 last week to improve to 5-3 on the season. (Chloe Gentile/Megan Casey photo)


Published May 12, 2023


Update post publication: Melrose falls to Burlington (May 11)



MELROSE—The Melrose High boy’s tennis team improved to 6-3 on the season following a 5-0 sweep over Watertown on Monday, May 8 at the Lyons Court in Melrose.

After a bit of break, it was right back to action with a win for Melrose, who is poised to make a playoff run with a current power ranking of #17.

Says Melrose head coach Sam Stallings, “This is the first match we’ve played since April 28, so we’re a little behind other teams, but I was proud of Alec Truesdale and Sammy McQuaid (JV players who each played in their first varsity matches), as they both played very well and were able to win at doubles for us on Monday. They’ve worked hard this season at JV and it was great to see them perform well at the varsity level.”

Taking wins in varsity singles were Dan Teittinen in first singles (6-1, 6-0) and Patrick Stafford (6-0, 6-3) in second singles and Ian Kamoso in third. In doubles, Melrose saw wins by junior captain Caleb Miller and freshman Alec Truesdale at first doubles by a score of 6-1, 6-0 and a win by senior captain Dan O’Donnell and freshman Sammy McQuaid, who won at second doubles by a score of 6-4, 6-2.

Says coach Stallings, “It was a complete win and overall effort with solid sweeps in all single play and double play.”

Melrose has very healthy 6-3 record and strong power ranking, which means they are doing many things right. And there is a long season ahead of them with 8 matches to go, including perennial rival Burlington who they play on Thursday (post deadline).

Says the coach, “We have a long stretch ahead of us. Burlington is probably the strongest team in the Middlesex Freedom this season. And we’re hoping for a win against Wakefield too.”

Melrose will travel to Rahanis Park in Burlington on Thursday for that highly anticipated match. Stay tuned.