Published in the January 3, 2018 edition


THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN and Melrose Mayor Rob Dolan finalized a two-year contract on Dec. 27. The new team will feature, from left, Selectmen Chairman Chris Barrett, Dolan, Selectman Phil Crawford and Selectman Dick Dalton. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

LYNNFIELD — That’s a wrap.

On Dec. 27, the Board of Selectmen and Melrose Mayor Rob Dolan finalized a two-year town administrator contract, as mandated by the Town Charter. Dolan will make an annual salary of $170,000.

Dolan, who has served as Melrose’s mayor for the past 16 years, will begin his tenure as Lynnfield’s next top municipal official on Monday, Feb. 5. He will succeed former Town Administrator Jim Boudreau, who left Lynnfield last month after accepting a similar position in Scituate.

Selectmen Chairman Chris Barrett, Dolan and Community Paradigm Associates Managing Partner Bernie Lynch, who assisted the selectmen and Screening Committee during the search for a new TA, finalized the two-year pact in one week. Barrett thanked Dolan and Lynch for their assistance with expediting the negotiation process during the holiday season.

The town administrator job had an advertised salary of $160,000 plus. Boudreau’s salary was $187,000 and Dolan made $132,000 as mayor in 2016.

“As we set out to do with this contract, I think it is fiscally responsible for the town of Lynnfield,” said Barrett.

Dolan was beaming with excitement throughout the signing ceremony.

“This is absolutely my honor,” said Dolan. “Lynnfield is a tremendous town. I have often sat on the other side of the table, but to go through this process as an applicant with the amount of dignity, class and organization speaks volumes about your community. I am looking forward with all my heart to working very hard and smart for this outstanding Board of Selectmen and for the people of Lynnfield. My experiences in Melrose have been fantastic and although I live in Melrose, my new home is here in Lynnfield. I will give you every ounce of my background and energy to make this the best town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thank you for this wonderful honor and opportunity.”

Barrett said he has reached out to local officials about Dolan the past several weeks.

“I have had some very significant leaders in the commonwealth reach out to me, and they have said what a valuable person we have in you to lead the town of Lynnfield,” said Barrett. “They were surprised that we were able to secure your services, but I must say it’s a big loss for the city of Melrose. You have been a tremendous leader for Melrose since 2002. I know Lynnfield is one of the best places to call home, but what you have done in Melrose helped make it one of the top spots to live. You have done a wonderful job there, but this is a win-win for you and us.”

Barrett recalled how the selectmen needed to expedite the town administrator search after Boudreau submitted his resignation in the fall.

“We moved quickly and had an ambitious plan to hopefully have a town administrator in place at the beginning of the new year,” said Barrett. “I think people thought it was impossible, but I appreciate the work of the Screening Committee and the community forum that provided a lot of valuable input. Each one of us received a lot of input from the community. It really was a team effort for the town of Lynnfield to get someone in place.”

Selectman Dick Dalton expressed his support for the contract.

“I have reviewed the contract Bernie forwarded to me and I find it acceptable,” said Dalton. “It’s pretty much what I expected in respect to the terms and conditions. I am in favor of it.”

Selectman Phil Crawford echoed Dalton’s viewpoint. He thanked Barrett, Lynch and Dolan for finalizing the agreement quickly.

“We certainly met a timetable that I believe is one of the quickest turnarounds in the history of a job search,” said Crawford. “I know all of the stars had to align to make this happen. I am very happy with the contract as it’s very much like ones we have had in the past. I am happy the mayor has agreed to it.”

Crawford made a motion to accept the contract, which was seconded by Dalton and was unanimously approved by the selectmen. After the ceremony concluded, Dolan shook all three selectmen’s hands along with Interim Town Administrator Bob Curtin.